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    Air Quality Monitor, CO/ CO2/ Temperature/ Humidity

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    Air quality monitor used for detecting CO, CO2, voltage, temperature as well as humidity, with accurate CO, CO2 concentration. Air quality sensor installed with carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide exceeding the standard display and advanced NDIR infrared sensor. Resolution 1PPM and Input Voltage DC 5V/ 2A. Indoor air quality monitor usually apply in private cars, taxis, trucks, school buses, online car-hailing cars, official cars.
    SKU: ATO-PT04
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    Air quality sensor voltmeter achieves real-time monitoring, long-term alarm for exceeding the standard, and protects life safety, monitoring carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, voltage. Appearance color can be customized.


    Product Model ATO-PT04
    Color White
    CO2 Measurement Range 400-5000 ppm
    Resolution 1 ppm
    CO2 Measurement Accuracy ± 50 ppm or ± 5% of reading
    CO Measurement Range 0-1000 ppm
    CO Measurement Accuracy ± 10 ppm or ± 5% of reading
    Temperature Measurement Range -10°C~60℃, ± 2°C
    Humidity Measurement Range 5%~95%, ± 5%
    Pressure Range 300-1100 hPa
    Relative Accuracy ( 950-1050hPa@ 25℃) ± 0.12 hPa
    Absolute Accuracy (950-1050hPa@0-40℃) ± 1 hPa
    Altitude 9000-500m (Above/Below sea level)
    Sound Level 85 dB (3M)
    Working Temperature 0°C-50℃
    Working Humidity 0-95% (non-condensing)
    Input Voltage DC 5V1 2A
    Dimession 25 * 70 * 21 (cm)
    Weight 0.65 (kg)




    Air quality monitor


    1. Air quality sensor with accurate CO, CO2 concentration detection and advanced NDIR infrared sensor.
    2. Wifi remote connection, stable data transmission, with CO and CO2 exceeding the standard display.
    3. When the safety value is exceeded (CO is 25ppm, CO2 is 1000ppm), the screen displays an alarm and gives a warning to remind the car-driver to open the window for ventilation.
    4. Indoor air quality monitor High altitude exploration, long service life more than five years.
    5. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are monitored in real-time as well as temperature and humidity display and shockproof function.
    6. Air quality tester having display of pressure and altitude values. Prevent heatstroke and fainting during long-distance driving.
    7. Portable air quality monitor with small size and light weight, easy to install and carry outdoors.


    1. If you need an air quality tester with other measuring ranges unlisted in above table, please contact us to inform your operating environment, so as to help you choose an appropriate one for your application.
    2. We also provide other air quality sensors that detect CO, CO2, voltage, temperature and humidity. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Tips: Why should we apply a CO and CO2 air quality monitor?

    1. Air quality sensor’ NDIR is used to monitor CO, CO2, temperature, humidity, pressure and altitude in the vehicle.
    2. Air quality tester provides effective technical support for the monitoring, early warning and regulation of the air in various types of vehicles, which can detect the crisis in time and provide safe driving guarantee for the vehicle users.
    3. Achieving real-time monitoring, long-term alarm for exceeding the standard, and protects life safety.
    Existing reviews of Air Quality Monitor, CO/ CO2/ Temperature/ Humidity
    Good quality of air quality monitor
    Great CO/CO2 air quality monitor for determining air quality. Easy to move to different rooms to detect air quality. Easy to read and see accurate CO and CO2 value on the screen. So convenient to take. I would recommend this high quality air monitor to you.
    From: karel | Date: 20/12/2022
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    Love this air quality monitor
    This is a great air quality monitor. I've been using it ever since I got it about a week ago and it is actually helping me and my family become more educated and aware of air quality and CO2 build up throughout the house.
    From: Teekay | Date: 01/12/2022
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    Air quality monitor is easy to use
    I bought this monitor to detect the air in my car, this air quality monitor is small and intuitive to use. I really like this portable home air quality monitor. Highly recommend!
    From: Coolforcats | Date: 22/11/2022
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