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    Continuous Duty Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractor

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    Industrial vacuum dust extractor can continuous duty for a long time. High efficiency HEPA filter, cleaning method is jet pulse filter cleaning or automatic self-cleaning. 3.6kW high power, working voltage is 240V single-phase. It is suitable for working conditions with small particle size and large amount of dust.
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    • The industrial vacuum dust extractor is especially suitable for working conditions with small particle size and large amount of dust such as floor polishing and shot blasting.
    • Structure is compact, fuselage height is adjustable, it is convenient for transit transportation.
    • Continuous bag design, convenient for loading and unloading. The bag can be pulled continuously. After a certain amount of dust is collected, use a cable tie to seal and shear the bag to continue using it.
    • Pressure loss of filter barrel is small, and filtering accuracy is high.


    Model ATO-IVC-T302 ATO-IVC-T303
    Power (kW) 3.6
    Voltage 240V 50/60Hz
    Vacuum (mBar) 200
    Airflow (m3/h) 600
    Noise (dbA) 80
    Filter Cleaning Mode Jet pulse filter cleaning Automatic self-cleaning
    Dimension (mm) 660*675*1200
    Number Of Filter Element* 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
    Certification CE
    Filter Area (cm2) 30000
    Filter Type HEPA filter TORAY polyester
    Filter Capacity (H11) 0.3um>99.95%

    *Note: Filter element life is 3 months, please select according to your needs.

    Filter Cleaning Mode Diagram of Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractor

    Filter Cleaning Mode Diagram of Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractor

    Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractor Accessories and Packing List

    P/N Description Unit Quantity
    1 Vacuum Dust Extractor Host pc 1
    2 D50 S wands pc 1
    3 D70/50 reducer pc 1
    4 D50 EVA anti static  meter 7.5
    5 D50 hose cuff pc 1
    6 D50 floor brush pc 1

    Accessories of Continuous Duty Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractor

    Adjustable Height

    Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractor Model 3XX Series can Adjust Height

    Tips: Precautions of continuous duty industrial vacuum dust extractor

    1. Ground as much as possible (because static electricity may be generated).
    2. When using industrial vacuum dust extractor to absorb water, it is best to remove the dust bag.
    3. If the suction of industrial vacuum cleaner drops or there is no suction, check the hose for blockage. If there is no blockage, immediately turn off the power and check if the vacuum dust extractor motor is operating normally. If it is abnormal, please contact the technician immediately.
    4. When using industrial vacuum dust extractor to absorb relatively small dust, should install primary filter bags and high-efficiency filter bags. It can reduce the damage to motor caused by excessive dust, thereby increasing the life of the vacuum cleaner.
    Existing reviews of Continuous Duty Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractor
    Five-star praise
    I have received this industrial vacuum cleaner. The trial effect is very good, the suction is strong, the dust is sucked cleanly, the performance of the product is in line with the description on the page, and the five-star praise.
    From: Gen | Date: 23/01/2022
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