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    Double Dust Canister Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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    Double dust canister industrial vacuum cleaner is single phase with HEPA filter. 3 motors provide 3000W high power, voltage is 240V 50/60Hz. Filter cleaning mode jet pulse filter cleaning/ automatic self-cleaning for selection. It has 2-stage filtration system and front cyclone separator, is very suitable for industrial dust extraction system.
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    The double dust canister industrial vacuum cleaner is a concrete dust collector with integrated cyclone separator. Cyclone separator can filter more than 98% of dust, reduce dust amount entering the vacuum cleaner, and extend service life. Industrial vacuum cleaner price is reasonable, it is very suitable for cleaning dust, iron filings, waste, garbage, etc. on the floor of various industrial sites.


    Model ATO-IVC-T502 ATO-IVC-T503
    Filter Cleaning Mode Jet pulse filter cleaning Automatic self-cleaning
    Voltage 240V 50/60Hz
    Power 3000W
    Number Of Filter Element* 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
    Vacuum (mBar) 200
    Airflow (m3/h) 600
    Noise (dbA) 80
    Filter Type HEPA filter TORAY polyester
    Filter Area (cm2) 30000
    Certification CE
    Filter Capacity (H11) 0.3um>99.95%
    Dimension (mm) 650*1030*1460

    *Note: Filter element life is 3 months, please select according to your needs.

    Accessories and Packing List of Double Dust Canister Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    P/N Description Unit Quantity
    1 Industrial vacuum cleaner host pc 1
    2 D50 S wands pc 1
    3 D70/50 reducer pc 1
    4 D50 EVA anti stactic hose meter 7.5
    5 D50 hose cuff pc 1
    6 D50 floor brush pc 1

    Accessories Diagram of Double Dust Canister Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    Tips: Operation troubleshooting for double dust canister industrial vacuum cleaner.

    • Double dust canister industrial vacuum cleaners are weak at vacuuming.
    1. Motor speed is too low. Check whether the motor is normal, such as whether the winding is short-circuited, whether the bearing is flexible, and whether the fan blade is blocked. If the motor is damaged, replace it.
    2. Fan and motor are not fixed tightly, causing the fan not to rotate or rotation speed to be too low. Just fix it again.
    3. Hose, nozzle and dust bag are severely blocked. Remove foreign objects to ensure smooth flow.
    4. Housing is not tightly sealed. Replace with new seal.
    • Double dust canister industrial vacuum cleaners significantly increased noise during operation.
    1. Each fastener is loose. Check the fasteners everywhere and strengthen them.
    2. Motor fan is loose or fan blade is touching the housing. Just readjust the fan.
    3. Motor bearing is damaged. Replace with new bearings.
    4. Motor carbon brushes are worn. Just replace the carbon brush.
    Existing reviews of Double Dust Canister Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
    Double dust industrial vacuum cleaner can reduce the pressure of cleaning
    I was super excited to order the industrial vacuum cleaner. I have to say this industrial vacuum cleaner is awesome. It can perfectly clean up the rubbish on the floor of industrial sites and it has made cleanup a lot less stressful.
    From: Hayden | Date: 05/08/2021
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