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    Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA, Upright, Single Phase

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    Industrial vacuum cleaner for sale is upright cleaner. Equipped with high-efficiency HEPA filter, cleaning method is jet pulse filter cleaning. 3 motors providing 3600W high power. Working voltage is single-phase 220V. It is applicable to various complicated working conditions in industrial/commercial dust extraction systems.
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    • 3 industrial-grade all-copper motors for vacuuming and water suction, and can independently control switch.
    • 90L large capacity dust collection bucket. Liquid level switch function, automatically stop when full, protecting motors from being burnt out.
    • Dry and wet mixing use, can absorb liquid and dust at the same time. During operation, it is no need to replace filter system frequently to adapt changes in working conditions.
    • All-steel frame body, sturdy and durable, convenient and fast.


    Model ATO-IVC-D3080 ATO-IVC-D3081
    Power 3.6kW 3.6kW
    Voltage 220V 50/60Hz 220V 50/60Hz
    Capacity of Dust Collection Bucket 90L 90L
    Liquid Level Switch yes no
    Number Of Filter Element* 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 (optional)
    Vacuum 200mBar
    Max. Airflow 620m3/h
    Filtration Accuracy 1.0um>99.5%
    Filter Type H-grade HEPA
    Filter Cleaning Method Jet pulse filter cleaning
    Filter Area 8000cm2
    Certification CE
    Weight 32kg
    Dimension 600mm*650mm*980mm

    *Note: Filter element life is 3 months, please select according to your needs.

     Structure Diagram of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA

    Structure Diagram of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA

    Accessories Description

    Accessories Description of Structure Diagram of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA

    Tips: Industrial vacuum cleaner working principle.

    The main components of industrial vacuum cleaners are HEPA (High Efficiency Air Filter), vacuum pump, dust bag, hose and various shapes of nozzles. It has an electric exhaust fan, which can run at high speed after being energized to make the vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner instantaneous. Vacuum condition makes the internal air pressure much lower than external air pressure. Under the action of this pressure difference, dust and dirt enter the body of vacuum cleaner with airflow, and then filter through the dust collection bag, leaving dust in dust collection bag. The purified air then overflows into the room through motor, cooling the motor and purifying the air.

    Working principle of wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners differs from ordinary vacuum cleaners in that it has an additional centrifugal chamber. When dust, air, and water are sucked into centrifugal chamber, the heavier water is rotated at high speed, and is thrown toward the inner wall of centrifugal chamber, and then flows into the water collecting bucket below. Lighter dust and air pass through the centrifugal chamber and enter the filter bag to filter the dust.

    Main role of industrial vacuum cleaners is to collect and extract waste medium particles, dust, smoke, oil and water produced during production, operation and transportation. Industrial vacuum cleaners use AC power and have relatively high power. The working principle is to use a motor to drive a high-pressure fan (or an integrated machine) to generate negative pressure in a limited volume, thereby generating suction. After the medium is sucked in, it is filtered through a filter bag or a secondary filter through a filter barrel. Common industrial vacuum cleaners can only absorb dry medium with zero water content. Wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb oil and water produced during processing. Industrial vacuum cleaner can be used to suck out the smoke, gas, etc. produced during the production operation after installing the exhaust pipe.

    Existing reviews of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA, Upright, Single Phase
    Powerful and effective
    We have been using this industrial vacuum cleaner for two years. It performs flawless every day. We use it to clean floors in a restaurant. Working great so far.
    From: Jamzm | Date: 28/06/2021
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