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    12V/24V DC Cooling Fan, 40mm x 40mm x 20mm

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    The 12V/24V DC brushless fan is in the size of 40mm x 40mm x 20mm and has a rated speed of 5000 rpm, 6000 rpm or 7000 rpm. DC brushless cooling fan with a wide range of interface options, this brushless fan is a reliable high performance solution to keep your electronics cool and running smoothly.
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    The 12/24 volt dc cooling fan supports a wide range of electronic devices and can be controlled by PWM or DC voltage. ATO brushless dc cooling fans are durable, low maintenance designs with easy to clean blades that can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

    12V/24V DC Cooling Fan Specifications:

    Rated Voltage 12V 24V 12V 24V 12V 24V 12V 24V 12V 24V 12V 24V
    Bearing Type Oily Ball Oily Ball Oily Ball
    Rated Current 0.06A 0.03A 0.06A 0.03A 0.07A 0.03A 0.07A 0.03A 0.09A 0.04A 0.09A 0.04A
    Input Power 0.72W 1.44W 0.72W 1.44W 0.84W 1.68W 0.84W 1.68W 1.08W 1.92W 1.08W 1.92W
    Fan Speed 5000±10%RPM 6000±10%RPM 7000±10%RPM
    Air Flow 5CFM 6.2CFM 7.4CFM
    Static Pressure 2.7mm-H2O 4.0mm-H2O 5.6mm-H3O
    Noise 24dB-A 27dB-A 30dB-A
    Dimension 40mm x 40mm x 20mm
    Material Plastic
    Certificate CE, UL
    Fire Rating UL94V-0
    Operating Temperature -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
    Operating Humidity 35% ~ 85RH
    Storage Temperature -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
    Storage Humidity 35% ~ 85RH

    Dimensions and Curves (unit: mm)
    Samll dc cooling fan dimensions
    DC Cooling Fan Interface
    DC cooling fan interface one
    DC cooling fan interface two
    DC cooling fan interface three

    Tips: Factors affecting the noise of DC cooling fans
    1. Speed. The faster the DC fan rotates, the bigger the fan, the louder the noise.
    2. Bearings. The bearings of DC fans are briefly divided into two types, one is oil and the other is ball. Under normal circumstances, ball bearing fans are more noisy than bearing bearing fans.
    3. Airflow. During the rolling of fan blades, they will encounter resistance in the air. The faster the rolling speed, the larger the blade area and the greater the resistance, so the noise will be greater.
    4. Conflicting force. If the fan is used for a long time, the fan will be excessively racked, vibrated, and the center of gravity is unstable. This will cause a collision or conflict between the fan blade and the fan frame, and then generate noise.

    Existing reviews of 12V/24V DC Cooling Fan, 40mm x 40mm x 20mm
    EXCELLENT value for the money.
    I have two DC cooling fans in a mounted in my trunk storage area keeping my amplifier cool. They are on for 6-8 hours a day since I drive alot and they are rock solid! No complaints at all.
    From: Aispuro | Date: 27/06/2022
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    Works as expected
    I decided to replace the old fans with some DC cooling fans. This is not a bad purchase for the price. Compared with my old radiator fan, it is quieter.
    From: Najeh | Date: 28/05/2022
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    Works well
    This cooling fan is quieter than original fan. This one is perfect so far! Definitely worth the money. Highly recommend! I will order more.
    From: Shaun | Date: 25/03/2022
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    Great little cooling fan
    This is actually more quieter than my old cooling fan and the air flow is awesome. If anyone looking for a fan, then this is your replacement fan. The quality is very well and the price is very fair.
    From: Stephen | Date: 24/03/2022
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