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    Electric Car Jack Kit, 3 in 1, 3 Ton

    Electric car jack kit, 3 in 1, load capacity 3 tons. 12V power supply, easy to control. Maximum power 3 tons, strong lifting. Electric jack integrated design, easy to carry. Efficient and safe, meet the emergency tire changing needs, quickly lift the vehicle, simplify the operation.
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    Portable electric car jack kit 3 in 1 with excellent performance. The electric jack has 100W motor power, maximum load capacity 3 tons, operating voltage DC12V, electric jack lifting range 120-370mm,170-420mm optional. Metal double-bar inflation pump with maximum inflation pressure of 150psi and airflow rate of 35L/min provides rapid support for emergency tire replacement. Electric torque wrench power 80W, maximum torque 480N.M. The complete set is lightweight and portable, which is an ideal tool for car maintenance.


    Electric Jack Model ATO-EJ-ZS3J
    Motor Power 100W
    Maximum Current 13A
    Operating Voltage DC12V
    Lifting Capacity 3 ton
    Minimum Height 120mm
    Maximum Height 420mm
    Structural Characteristics Electric Jack
    Application Tire Changing Tools
    Load 3000kg
    Dimension 400*111*160mm
    Lifting Range 120-370mm/170-420mm (optional)
    Net Weight 11kg
    Metal Double Bar Inflatable Pump Maximum Inflation Pressure 150psi
    Air Flow Rate 35L/min
    Current 10A
    Length of Inflatable Tube 0.65m
    Power Cord Length 3.5m
    Electric Wrench Rated Power 80W
    Operating Voltage DC12V
    Maximum Current 13A
    Maximum Torque 480N.M
    Dimension 25*13.5*cm

    Dimension: (mm)

    3 in 1 electric jack dimensions


    3 in 1 electric jack detail3 in 1 electric car jack inflator pump details

    3 in 1 electric wrench detailsInstructions for Use

    3 in 1 instructions for the use of electric jack kits

    Note: The steps shown above are in order from left to right.

    1. Comes complete with battery cable clamp and cigarette lighter, plugs directly into cigarette lighter or connects to car battery for power.
    2. Connect the jack and cigarette lighter power cord.
    3. Connect the pump and press the switch to inflate.
    4. Place the electric jack under the car chassis support.
    5. Press UP to raise the jack until the wheels are off the ground, then press DOWN to lower the wheels.
    6. Stand half a meter away from the car and use the remote control to control the car.
    7. Connect the electric wrench and cigarette lighter power cord.
    8. Select the correct socket according to the car model.
    9. Loosen and remove the tire nuts using an electric wrench or telescopic wrench.


    Application of electric jacks

    Tips: Electric Car Jack Kit, 3-in-1 Troubleshooting

    When using an electric car jack kit, if you experience a malfunction, you can follow these steps to troubleshoot it. First, ensure that the vehicle is parked on a flat, firm surface with the handbrake securely applied. Also, turn off the vehicle engine to ensure safe operation.

    • The Jack Will not Start: first check that the power connection is secure and ensure that the plug is correctly inserted into the 12V DC power supply. Check whether the power cord is damaged, if so, replace it in time.
    • Abnormal Lifting Process: If the electric jack is abnormal during the lifting process, it may be that the base of the jack has poor contact with the body. Adjust the position of the base to ensure that the electric jack is placed vertically.
    • Abnormal Operation of the Air Pump: If you encounter an inflatable pump that does not work properly, check the power connection and switch. At the same time, make sure that the inflatable piping is connected tightly and there is no air leakage.
    • Problems with Wrench Operation: If there is a problem with the electric torque wrench, check the power connection and make sure it is firmly connected. At the same time, confirm that the head of the wrench is properly installed and not used in a reversible direction.
    • Pay Attention to Safety Limits: When using the electric car jack, make sure it does not exceed its rated load-bearing capacity of 3 tons. If the mass of the vehicle exceeds the load-bearing limit, it will affect the normal work of the jack or even cause damage.
    • Care and Maintenance: Regularly check the parts of the electric jack, air pump and torque wrench to ensure their normal operation. Clean the dust and debris on the surface of the electric car jack to keep the mechanical parts flexible.

    If the above steps do not solve the problem, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer's after-sales service for professional support or repair. During any repair and troubleshooting steps, users must follow the safety operating procedures in the product manual to ensure safe and effective operation.

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