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    Guided Pneumatic Cylinder, Single Rod, 40mm Bore, 25mm Stroke

    Double acting guided pneumatic cylinder bore 40mm x stroke 25mm (1.5 inch x 1 inch), with shortened single rod, maximum working pressure 1.0 MPa, thickened piston, wear-resistant belt design, not easy to crack.
    SKU: ATO-PC-4025
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    Small pneumatic cylinder easy to apply, save installation control, single rod double action, bore size 40mm, stroke options 10mm, 25mm, 40mm, 75mm and 100mm.


    • Model: ATO-PC-CQM
    • Bore Size: 40mm
    • Stroke: 25mm
    • Action Mode: Single rod double action
    • Maximum Working Pressure: 1.0 MPa
    • Minimum Working Pressure: 0.12 MPa (stroke 12mm, 16mm), 0.1 MPa (stroke 20mm, 100mm)
    • Ambient & Fluid Temperature: -10~+70°C
    • Buffer: Cushioning on both sides
    • Stroke Length Tolerance: 0+1.0
    • Use Piston Velocity: 50~500mm/s (stroke 12mm, 40mm), 50~300mm/s (stroke 50mm, 100mm)
    • Certificate: CE


    • Guided pneumatic cylinders are available with a variety of fittings, throttle valves, air hoses, etc. according to your needs.
    • Branded steel shaft is hard and wear-resistant, high strength, toughness and not easy to deformation.
    • Double seal ring design, wear-resistant and not easy to leak air.
    • Pneumatic slide cylinder adopts compound PTFE wear ring, improve cylinder guiding, reduce the wear of piston seal, and prolong the service life.
    • Double acting pneumatic cylinder body is made of new aluminum alloy with CNC machining and hard oxidation treatment.

    Guided pneumatic cylinder detail

    Guided pneumatic cylinder details

    Tips: Requirements for the use of cylinders

    The normal working conditions of the cylinder: the medium and ambient temperature are generally -20 ~ 80 ℃, and the working pressure is generally 0.1 ~ 1.0MPa. For specific conditions, please refer to the technical parameter table of various cylinders.

    Before installation, the test should be carried out at 1.5 times the working pressure, and there should be no air leakage.

    A lubricator should be installed at the inlet of the installed air source to facilitate lubrication during work. Reasonable lubrication of the cylinder is extremely important, and crawling often occurs due to poor lubrication, or even cannot work normally.

    When installing, pay attention to the action direction, the piston rod is not allowed to bear eccentric load or lateral load.

    When the load changes during the stroke, a cylinder with sufficient output force should be used, and a buffer device should be attached.

    Do not use full stroke, especially when the piston rod is extended, do not make the piston collide with the cylinder head. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to parts such as piston and cylinder head.

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