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    Pneumatic Slide Cylinder, 20mm Bore, 100mm Stroke

    Buy the best price pneumatic slide cylinder, double acting, 2 times the output force, bore 20mm, stroke 10mm to 100mm, the cylinder has a built-in magnetic ring type, can be installed with a magnetic switch.
    SKU: ATO-PC-20100
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    Double acting pneumatic slide cylinder for sale, bore 20mm (0.78 inch) x stroke 100mm (3.93 inch), high-precision track is made of high-quality stainless steel, with high hardness and good wear resistance, double-rod design cylinder, good guiding.


    • Model: ATO-PC-MXS
    • Bore Size: 20mm
    • Stroke: 100mm
    • Use Fluid: Air
    • Action Mode: Double action
    • Maximum Working Pressure: 0.7 MPa
    • Minimum Working Pressure: 0.15 MPa
    • Ambient & Fluid Temperature: -10~+60°C
    • Buffer: Cushioning on both sides
    • Pipe Diameter: Rc 1/8
    • Stroke Length Tolerance: 0+1.0
    • Use Piston Velocity: 50~500mm/s
    • Certificate: CE


    • Pneumatic cylinders are optional with adjustable stroke device (0-5mm).
    • Double cylinder design, twice the output force, thin volume.
    • The combination of the cylinder and the table reduces the overall size.
    • Adopt cross roller guide design, low friction, cylinder
    • There is no gap between it and the workbench, which is suitable for precision assembly.
    • Double acting slide cylinder can be installed from three sides.
    • The pneumatic slide cylinder has a built-in magnetic ring type, which can be installed with basic switches.

    Pneumatic Slide Cylinder Detail

    Pneumatic slide cylinde detail

    Tips: Pneumatic slide cylinde selection points

    In industrial applications, the pneumatic slide not only needs good rigidity and repeatability, but also its durable performance, labor-saving characteristics, and load capacity are all parameters that should be paid attention to in design applications. When selecting a sliding table cylinder, pay attention to factors and parameters such as pressure, cylinder diameter, stroke, working environment, rod end connection method, cylinder fixing method, interface size and position, sealing requirements, buffer requirements, installation space limitations, and loads. In order to choose the appropriate slide cylinder.

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