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    Hydraulic Crimping Tool, 6-70 mm2, 7 ton

    The provided hydraulic crimping tool is a manual hydraulic crimping plier with 7 ton output power, 10mm stroke and 6~70mm2 mold, which can be used for crimping to 4-70mm2 copper terminal or 4-50mm2 aluminum terminal.
    SKU: ATO-HCT-70A
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    Manual hydraulic crimping plier for sale online, available with a 7 ton output power, 10mm stroke, 4-70mm2 copper terminal or 4-50mm2 aluminum terminal crimping range, suitable for electrical, telecommunications, automotive and plumbing industries.


    Model ATO-HHY-70A
    Output Power 7 ton
    Crimp Range 4-70mm2 (Copper Terminal) / 4-50mm2 (Aluminum Terminal)
    Equipped With Mold 6, 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70mm2
    Stroke 10mm
    Weight 2.8kg
    Package Size 355x173x83mm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    6-70mm hydraulic crimping tool diemsnion


    ATO manual hydraulic crimping tool is primarily used for crimping or compressing connectors onto wires or cables. It is commonly employed in various industries such as electrical, telecommunications, automotive, and plumbing. Crimping pliers are used to create secure and reliable electrical or mechanical connections by deforming the connector around the wire or cable, ensuring proper conductivity and structural integrity.

    Hydraulic crimping tool applications

    Tips: What is a hydraulic crimping tool?

    The hydraulic crimping tool uses hydraulic pressure to generate a high force, which is applied to the connector, effectively compressing it onto the wire. This creates a secure and reliable electrical connection. Hydraulic crimping tools are designed to ensure proper crimping and prevent loose connections that could result in electrical faults or failures.

    These tools typically consist of a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic cylinder, and crimping dies or jaws. The hydraulic pump generates the pressure, which is transmitted through the hydraulic cylinder to the crimping dies. The dies are selected based on the specific connector and wire size to achieve an appropriate crimp.

    Hydraulic crimping tools offer advantages such as high crimping force, precise crimping control, and the ability to handle a wide range of wire sizes and connector types. They are often preferred for applications that require secure and durable electrical connections, such as in power distribution, telecommunications networks, and industrial machinery.

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