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    Hydraulic Crimping Tool, 10-120 mm2, 8 ton

    Low price hydraulic crimping tool for sale online, comes with an 8 ton output power, 12mm stroke, 4-70mm2 copper terminal or 4-50mm2 aluminum terminal crimping range. Manual hydraulic cable crimper is widely used in electrical, telecommunications, automotive and plumbing industries.
    SKU: ATO-HCT-120A
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    High efficiency hydraulic crimping tool provides 8-ton output power, 10-120mm2 mold, 12 strokes, and a crimping range of 10-120mmcopper terminals and 10-95mm2 aluminum terminals, CE certification, manual operation, safe and reliable.


    Model ATO-HHY-120A
    Output Power 8 ton
    Crimp Range 10-120mm2 (Copper Terminal) / 10-95mm2 (Aluminum Terminal)
    Equipped With Mold 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120mm2
    Stroke 12mm
    Weight 4.5kg
    Package Size 430x190x90mm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    10-120mm2 hydraulic crimping tool dimension


    ATO manual hydraulic crimping tool is primarily used for crimping or compressing connectors onto wires or cables. It is commonly employed in various industries such as electrical, telecommunications, automotive, and plumbing. Crimping pliers are used to create secure and reliable electrical or mechanical connections by deforming the connector around the wire or cable, ensuring proper conductivity and structural integrity.

    Hydraulic crimping tool applications

    Tips: What are the different types of hydraulic crimping tools?

    • Handheld Hydraulic Crimping Tool: This is the most basic type of hydraulic crimping tool. It is handheld, compact, and operated manually. It usually has a pair of interchangeable crimping dies for different wire sizes.
    • Battery-Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool: These crimping tools are powered by rechargeable batteries, offering greater convenience and portability compared to manual tools. They often have a hydraulic pump built into the tool and come with interchangeable crimping dies.
    • Remote Hydraulic Crimping Tool: Remote hydraulic crimping tools are designed for working in confined spaces or hard-to-reach areas. They have a separate hydraulic pump unit connected to the crimping head by a hydraulic hose, allowing the user to operate the tool remotely.
    • Hydraulic Crimping Press: Hydraulic crimping presses are heavy-duty tools used for high-volume crimping applications. They typically have a larger crimping capacity and are used in industrial settings, such as manufacturing or production lines.
    • Multi-Functional Hydraulic Crimping Tool: These tools offer versatility by combining crimping capabilities with additional functions, such as cutting, stripping, and punching. They are often used in electrical installations and maintenance work.
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