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    Hydraulic Orbital Motor, 125cc/rev

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    Factory price hydraulic orbital motor online sale, low speed high torque with 125cc/r displacement. It is a spool valve motor can be used in parallel or series, selectable flat key shaft or splined shaft, mounting flanges of 2 bolts and 4 bolts.
    SKU: ATO-HOM-125
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    Low price hydraulic orbital motor with high performance shaft, can bear high pressure, high speed and high radial force. Mounting flanges of 2 bolts and 4 bolts, easy to install.


    Model ATO-OMP-125
    Shaft Type (Optional) Flat Key, Splined
    Flange Type (Optional) 2 Bolts, 4 Bolts
    Displacement 125 cc/rev (125 cm3/rev)
    Working Pressure 15 MPa
    Flow Continuous 57 LPM
    Intermittent 68 LPM
    Max.Speed Continuous 452 rpm
    Intermittent 544 rpm
    Pressure Continuous 124 ∆Bar
    Intermittent 138 ∆Bar
    Torque Continuous 194 Nm
    Intermittent 216 Nm
    Weight 7.5kg


    • A simultaneous maximum torque and maximum speed is not recommended.
    • ∆Bar refers to true pressure difference between inlet port and outlet port.
    • Continuous Rating means that the motor may be run continuously at these ratings.
    • Intermittent operation refers to that the motor running time must not exceed 10% per minute under this condition.

    *To assure best orbital motor life, run it for approximately one hour at 30% of rated pressure before application to full load. Be sure this motor is filled with fluid prior to any load applications.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of hydraulic orbital motor


    Hydraulic Orbital Motor Shaft (Unit: mm)

    motor shafts of hydraulic orbital motor

    Flange Types (Unit: mm)

    2 bolt flange hydraulic orbital motor

    4 bolt flange hydraulic orbital motor



    Hydraulic Orbital Motor Details

    Tips: Main features of hydraulic orbital motors

    1. The hydraulic orbital motor adopts end face flow distribution and axial face flow distribution. Its structure is simple and compact, and the flow distribution accuracy is high.
    2. The hydraulic orbit motor adopts toothed stator and rotor pair, high mechanical efficiency, long service life under high pressure.
    3. It adopts double-joint angular ball bearings, which can bear larger radial and axial loads, with low friction and high mechanical efficiency.
    4. The advanced flow distribution mechanism design has the characteristics of high flow distribution accuracy and automatic wear compensation.
    5. These motors are allowed to be used in series and in parallel, and the external drain port should be connected when used in series.
    6. The tapered roller bearing support design has a large radial load capacity, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism.
    7. It has a variety of installation and connection forms such as flanges, output shafts, and oil ports.
    Existing reviews of Hydraulic Orbital Motor, 125cc/rev
    Quality for money spent.
    Very strong orbital hydraulic motor. Delivered on time. Install was pretty straight forward with no problems encountered. Has been running for a month and all is well so far.
    From: Craig | Date: 19/04/2022
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