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    Hydraulic Orbital Motor, 395cc/rev

    Best price orbital hydraulic motor is widely applied in agriculture machinery, fishing machinery, plastic industry, and construction machinery, etc. It can be used in parallel or series with 395 cc/rev displacement and flat key shaft or splined shaft. Mounting flanges of 2 bolts and 4 bolts are available.
    SKU: ATO-HOM-395
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    Favorable price hydraulic orbital motor is design of disc distribution flow, which can provide improved performance at low speed higher volumetric for the automatically compensate wear. It can be used on heavy vehicles and machinery in traction drive applications.


    Model ATO-OMP-395
    Shaft Type (Optional) Flat Key, Splined
    Flange Type (Optional) 2 Bolts, 4 Bolts
    Displacement 395 cc/rev (395 cm3/rev)
    Working Pressure 15 MPa
    Flow Continuous 57 LPM
    Intermittent 68 LPM
    Max.Speed Continuous 156 rpm
    Intermittent 180 rpm
    Pressure Continuous 90 ∆Bar
    Intermittent 100 ∆Bar
    Torque Continuous 481 Nm
    Intermittent 525 Nm
    Weight 8.5kg


    • A simultaneous maximum torque and maximum speed is not recommended.
    • ∆Bar refers to true pressure difference between inlet port and outlet port.
    • Continuous Rating means that the motor may be run continuously at these ratings.
    • Intermittent operation refers to that the motor running time must not exceed 10% per minute under this condition.

    *To assure best orbital motor life, run it for approximately one hour at 30% of rated pressure before application to full load. Be sure this motor is filled with fluid prior to any load applications.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of hydraulic orbital motor


    Hydraulic Orbital Motor Shaft (Unit: mm)

    motor shafts of hydraulic orbital motor

    Flange Types (Unit: mm)

    2 bolt flange hydraulic orbital motor

    4 bolt flange hydraulic orbital motor



    Hydraulic Orbital Motor Details

    Tips: Difference between hydraulic orbital motor and gear motor

    Hydraulic orbital motors and gear motors are different in appearance, size, torque, connection mode, application places, etc., but the functions are the same, they are all for speed change, and sometimes they can be interchanged. Orbital is a form of reducer, as is gear. That is, the orbit motor has a compact appearance, small size, and a gear motor with high load resistance and durability.

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