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    Industrial Solid State Relay 350A, 3-32V DC to AC SSR

    High current solid state relay has 350 Amp load current, designed for industrial automation fields. Single phase SSR, zero-crossing switch type, with 3-32V DC control 24-440V AC, LED working status indication, screw mounting and compact size, safe and fast switching.
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    High quality 350A industrial solid state relay SSR-350DA, allows you to drive high-current 24-440V AC load through 3-32V DC low control voltage and 7-32mA small control current. With fast switching, high reliability and lond service life, this SSR relay is greatly suitable for petrochemical equipment, pharmaceutical machines, food machines, packaging machines, plastic machines, CNC machine tool and entertainment facilities, and so on.


    Model ATO-GYSSR350DA(H4)
    Control Voltage 3-32V DC
    Control Current DC 7-32mA
    Load Current 350A
    Load Voltage 24-440V AC
    On-State Voltage Drop ≤2V
    Off-State Leakage Current ≤4mA
    Off-State Time ≤10mS
    Dielectric Strength 2500V AC
    Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ/ 500V DC
    Ambient Temperature -20 ~ +70℃
    Mounting Method Bolt Fixing
    Working Indicator LED
    Weight 560g
    Dimension (L*W*H) 108*53*48mm
    Heat Sink (Optional) More info., please click here.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    350A Industrial Solid State Relay Dimension

    Wiring Diagram

    industrial Solid State Relay SSR-350DA Wiring Diagram

    Operation Note

    1. For the resistive load, it can not exceed 60% of the rated current of the SSR.
    2. For the inductive or capacitive load, it can not exceed 40% of the rated current of the SSR.
    3. For the electric motor, it can not exceed 20% of the rated current of the SSR.
    4. Proper radiator or heat sink should be equipped for the industrial solid state relay. If the load cooling condition is not good, it is necessary to leave some margin. Avoid the load short circuit because over current and short circuit are the main causes for permanent damage of the internal SCR of the SSR.
    5. Over current protection: Using fast fuse and air switch is one of the methods for over current protection; fuse is also available for small capacity.
    6. Over voltage protection: It can adopt the parallel voltage-dependent resistor (MOV). The MOV area decides the absorption power, and its thickness decides the protective voltage value. Generally, 471/10D voltage-dependent resistor is suitable for 220V series SSR, 681/10D voltage-dependent resistor for 380V series SSR, and 821/10D voltage-dependent resistor for 480V series SSR.

    Tips: Usage of Solid State Relay - Electric Motor

    The electric motor can generate a large staring current when starting up, and produce high voltage when cut off. The current rating should be carefully confirmed for the motor with large starting torque or inertia that is connected to mechanical load, to ensure that it is within the surge limit of SSR. The electric motor may start repeatedly in a short time, so it shall take into account the impact of repeat starting current on the thermal working of SSR. The possibility of rotor stall will also cause the starting current of the motor larger than the normal. For long-time stalling, it should select high safe coefficient SSR or use the fuse. The back EMF produced by some electric motor requires the solid state relay has a higher blocking voltage; otherwise, the motor can be locked or cut off irregularly.

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