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    IP66 Waterproof Electrical Junction Box

    The waterproof electrical junction box is made of ABS engineering plastic, ABS+PC, or aluminum, waterproof rating is IP66~IP67. The four corner fixing screws are plastic screws, and wall thickness of the box is 3~4mm. It is ideally suited as an enclosure for indoor/outdoor electrical junction projects.
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    • Material of the waterproof electrical junction box can select high-performance ABS/PC plastic or aluminum, which is impact resistant, good toughness, anti-aging and long service life.
    • Bottom of the electrical junction box is provided with mounting posts and embedded copper nuts, it is convenient for fixing electrical components such as terminal, guide rails, and circuit boards.
    • Can be customized according to user requirements, such as hole processing and terminal, connector.


    Waterproof Rating IP66 IP66 IP67
    Material Body: ABS
    Door: Solid
    Body: ABS
    Door: PC
    Aluminum Alloy
    Operating Temperature -20℃~90℃ -20℃~90℃ -40℃~120℃
    Size Refer to the size chart
    Certification CE

    IP66 ABS Waterproof Electrical Junction Box Diagram

    IP66 ABS Waterproof Junction Box Diagram

    IP66 ABS+PC Waterproof Electrical Junction Box Diagram

    IP66 ABS+PC Waterproof Junction Box Diagram

    IP67 Aluminum Waterproof Electrical Junction Box Diagram

    IP67 Aluminum Waterproof Electrical Junction Box Diagram

    Tips: Selection of PC cover for waterproof electrical junction box.

    Waterproof electrical junction box is mainly used for indoor and outdoor electrical, communication, fire-fighting equipment, steel smelting, petrochemical, electronics, electricity, large-scale factory equipment, etc. Material is available in ABS and ABS + PC transparent cover. So, how to determine whether you need to select a PC transparent cover?

    1. Select according to aesthetic requirements. The waterproof junction box with PC transparent cover looks more beautiful, especially when the light inside is on.
    2. Select based on purchase cost. Generally speaking, for waterproof junction boxes with same specifications, the box with PC transparent cover will be more expensive. Therefore, in an unnecessary situation, to save costs, users can select conventional ABS waterproof junction box.
    3. Select according to product application. For example, when the waterproof junction box is used with button box and instrument box, such products may need to display the reading of internal instrument. If you do not use PC transparent cover, you will not see it.

    Size Chart of ABS/PC Waterproof Electrical Junction Box (Unit: mm)

    Model Size (L*W*H) Model Size (L*W*H)
    ATO-WJB-AG0506 50*65*55 ATO-WJB-AT0609 65*95*55
    ATO-WJB-AG0609 65*95*55 ATO-WJB-AT0808 86*84*60
    ATO-WJB-AG0808 86*84*60 ATO-WJB-AT0811 80*110*70
    ATO-WJB-AG0811 80*110*72 ATO-WJB-AT0811-1 80*110*85
    ATO-WJB-AG0811-1 80*110*85 ATO-WJB-AT0811-S 80*110*45
    ATO-WJB-AG0813 80*130*70 ATO-WJB-AT0813 80*130*70
    ATO-WJB-AG0816 80*160*70 ATO-WJB-AT0813-1 80*130*85
    ATO-WJB-AG0816-S 80*160*55 ATO-WJB-AT0816-S 80*160*55
    ATO-WJB-AG0818 80*180*70 ATO-WJB-AT0818 80*180*70
    ATO-WJB-AG0825 80*250*70 ATO-WJB-AT0825 80*250*70
    ATO-WJB-AG1010-S 100*100*75 ATO-WJB-AT1212 125*125*100
    ATO-WJB-AG1212 125*125*100 ATO-WJB-AT1212-S 125*125*75
    ATO-WJB-AG1212-S 125*125*75 ATO-WJB-AT1217 125*175*75
    ATO-WJB-AG1217 125*175*75 ATO-WJB-AT1417 140*170*95
    ATO-WJB-AG1217-1 125*175*100 ATO-WJB-AT1520 150*200*100
    ATO-WJB-AG1725 175*250*75 ATO-WJB-AT1520-1 150*200*130
    ATO-WJB-AG2020-S 200*200*95 ATO-WJB-AT1717-1 175*175*100
    ATO-WJB-AG2819 280*190*130 ATO-WJB-AT2020 200*200*130
    ATO-WJB-AG2828 280*280*130 ATO-WJB-AT2020-S 200*200*95
    ATO-WJB-AG3819 380*190*130 ATO-WJB-AT3819 380*190*130
    ATO-WJB-AG3828 380*280*130    

    Size Chart of Aluminum Waterproof Electrical Junction Box (Unit: mm)

    Model Size (L*W*H) Remark
    ATO-WJB-FA1 64*58*35 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA18 80*76*57 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA9 90*36*31 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA21 120*80*55 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA7 111*64*37 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA20 175*80*56 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA4 100*68*50 flip cover, 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA2 120*80*55 6 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA24 115*65*55 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA34 115*90*58 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA22 135*85*56 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA23 125*80*58 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA21 250*80*64 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA31 188*120*78 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA43 100*100*60 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA26 160*100*65 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA3 188*120*78 6 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA29 150*100*80 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA60 120*120*82 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA58 145*100*45 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA20-1 175*80*80 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA5 222*145*55 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA44 140*140*75 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA12 200*130*80 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA12-1 200*130*88 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA22 250*80*80 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA6 222*145*75 6 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA61 160*160*70 4 screws


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