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    IP67 Aluminum Waterproof Junction Box

    The series of waterproof junction box is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, waterproof rating is IP67. Adopting silicone sealing strip, good sealing performance, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant, anti-radio frequency interference, easy to process. Aluminum waterproof junction box is very suitable as electrical junction box for indoor and outdoor electrical engineering.
    SKU: ATO-WJB-67


    Model ATO-WJB-FA
    Waterproof Rating IP67
    Material Aluminum Alloy
    Size Refer to the size chart
    Certification CE
    Operating Temperature -40℃~120℃

    IP67 Aluminum Waterproof Junction Box Diagram

    IP67 Aluminum Waterproof Junction Box Diagram

    Installation of IP67 Aluminum Waterproof Junction Box

    There are mounting holes on the back of aluminum waterproof junction box. According to requirements, users can install the waterproof box at specified position according to the mounting hole corresponding to the hanging corner. As shown in the figure.

    Installation of IP67 Aluminum Waterproof Junction Box

    Tips: How to select protection level and size for aluminum waterproof junction box?

    • Correctly select seal level of the cast aluminum waterproof box.

    When selecting a waterproof junction box, the IP protection level is a very important factor. According to IEC-60529, the first number in IP (Ingress protection) rating is the ability of the shell to resist intrusion of solid particles. The second number indicates the protective against ability of shell to water droplets. IP rating of the ATO cast aluminum waterproof junction box all reaches IP67, which means that it can adapt to more severe use environments.

    The IP rating is only defined for the housing, but equipment should also meet the corresponding requirements after installation. In other words, if the waterproof junction box needs to be installed with cable waterproof joint, its protection level should be higher than that of cabinet.

    • Correctly select size of the cast aluminum waterproof box.

    First, selection of the correct size for waterproof box is based on the size of existing components and installation location of the device. However, users should also consider whether new components will be added in the future. Consider that if new components are added, whether there is enough space. In addition, it should be noted that the reference size provided by waterproof box manufacturer is the external or internal dimensions. Mountable space is usually smaller than the internal dimensions provided.

    Size Chart (Unit:mm)

    Model Size (L*W*H) Remark
    ATO-WJB-FA10-2 228*150*90 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA62 160*160*90 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA35 140*140*100 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA10 228*150*75 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA36 250*120*82 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA63 240*160*75 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA64 240*160*100 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA14 220*155*95 flip cover, 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA65 265*185*75 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA66 260*185*96 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA38 320*120*90 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA15 250*185*88 flip cover, 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA67 260*185*128 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA40 360*160*95 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA68 300*210*100 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA70 340*235*95 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA71 340*235*120 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA72 340*235*135 4 screws
    ATO-WJB-FA73 340*235*160 4 screws


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