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    IP65 Waterproof Electrical Enclosure

    The waterproof electrical enclosure is a junction box with protect level of IP65 rating. Materials can select ABS plastic or ABS box body + PC transparent cover. Appearance of the junction box is divided into two types with and without ears.
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    Waterproof electrical enclosure is ideal for electrical junction of indoor and outdoor. It is used to prevent objects in the box, such as circuits, meters, instruments, from entering the water and affecting performance. The IP65 waterproof electrical enclosure can be processed according to requirements, or equipped with terminals, connectors and so on.


    Waterproof Rating IP65 IP65
    Material Body: ABS
    Door: Solid
    Body: ABS
    Door: PC
    Size Refer to the size chart
    Certification CE
    Operating Temperature -20℃~90℃

    IP65 ABS Waterproof Electrical Enclosure Diagram

    IP65 ABS Waterproof Electrical Enclosure Diagram

    IP65 ABS+PC Waterproof Electrical Enclosure Diagram

    IP65 ABS+PC Waterproof Electrical Enclosure Diagram


    Installation of IP67 Waterproof Electrical Enclosure

    There are mounting holes on the back of electrical enclosure. According to requirements, users can install the waterproof box at specified position according to the mounting hole corresponding to the hanging corner. As shown in the figure.

    Installation of IP67 Waterproof Electrical Enclosure

    Tips: How is IP65 waterproof electrical enclosure waterproof?

    Waterproof electrical enclosure is also called waterproof junction box. Its main purpose is waterproof and dustproof to protect circuit cables from damage. Its main materials are ABS engineering plastic, PC, ABS + PC, aluminum alloy and so on.

    ABS engineering plastic has excellent comprehensive properties, making the waterproof electrical enclosure resistant to aging, impact and toughness. From the appearance point of view, the upper cover of waterproof electrical enclosure is screwed tightly, and the inner pressure cover is directly pressed to seal to prevent the sealing rubber ring from being squeezed and deformed.

    Waterproof sealing ring of the waterproof electrical enclosure is made of polyamic acid material, which is resistant to corrosion and difficult to deform, so that the upper cover and the bottom box are closely fitted to each other to achieve a better waterproof effect. Built-in copper nut, combined with metal screws to tighten and fix, improve the sealing performance and strengthen the waterproof effect of the waterproof electrical enclosure.

    Size Chart (Unit: mm)

    Model Size (L*W*H) Remark
    ATO-WJB-F1 200*120*75  
    ATO-WJB-F1-1 200*120*113 High cover
    ATO-WJB-F1-3 200*120*56  
    ATO-WJB-F1-6 200*120*67  
    ATO-WJB-F2 158*90*60  
    ATO-WJB-F2-2 158*90*60 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F2-3 158*90*40 Low cover
    ATO-WJB-F3 115*90*55  
    ATO-WJB-F3-2 115*90*55 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F3-3 115*90*70 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F4 100*68*50  
    ATO-WJB-F4-1 100*68*40 With small ear
    ATO-WJB-F4-2 100*68*52 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F5 160*160*90  
    ATO-WJB-F5-2 160*160*90 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F6 263*182*95  
    ATO-WJB-F6-L 263*182*60 Low cover
    ATO-WJB-F6-H 263*182*125 High cover
    ATO-WJB-F7 158*90*46 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F7-1 158*90*60 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F8 115*85*35 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F9 280*195*135  
    ATO-WJB-F9-3 280*195*86 Low cover
    ATO-WJB-F10 320*240*110  
    ATO-WJB-F10-H 320*240*140 High cover
    ATO-WJB-F10-EH 320*240*155 Extra High
    ATO-WJB-F11 380*260*105  
    ATO-WJB-F11-H 380*260*140 High cover
    ATO-WJB-F11-M 380*260*120 Medium cover
    ATO-WJB-F13 120*81*65 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F14 120*120*90  
    ATO-WJB-F15 230*150*87 Flat cover
    ATO-WJB-F15-2 230*150*87 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F16 160*45*55  
    ATO-WJB-F19 83*58*33 With small ear
    ATO-WJB-F20-1 63*58*45  
    ATO-WJB-F20-3 63*58*45 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F21 240*160*90  
    ATO-WJB-F21-H 240*160*120 High cover
    ATO-WJB-F22 160*110*90  
    ATO-WJB-F24 192*188*100  
    ATO-WJB-F24-2 192*188*70 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F25 83*81*56  
    ATO-WJB-F50 300*280*140  
    Model Size (L*W*H) Remark
    ATO-WJB-F1-1T 200*120*113  
    ATO-WJB-F1-2T 200*120*75 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F1-3T 200*120*56  
    ATO-WJB-F1-T 200*120*75  
    ATO-WJB-F2-2T 158*90*60 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F2-T 158*90*60  
    ATO-WJB-F3-2T 115*90*55 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F3-3T 115*90*70 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F3-T 115*90*55  
    ATO-WJB-F4-1T 100*68*40 With small ear
    ATO-WJB-F4-2T 100*68*50 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F4-T 100*68*50  
    ATO-WJB-F5-T 160*160*90  
    ATO-WJB-F6-T-L 263*182*60 Low cover
    ATO-WJB-F7-T 158*90*46 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F8-T 115*85*35 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F10-T 320*240*110  
    ATO-WJB-F11-T-H 380*260*140 High cover
    ATO-WJB-F11-T-M 380*260*120 Medium cover
    ATO-WJB-F14-T 120*120*90  
    ATO-WJB-F15-2T 230*150*87 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F15-T 230*150*85  
    ATO-WJB-F19-T 83*58*33 With small ear
    ATO-WJB-F21-T 240*160*90  
    ATO-WJB-F24-2T 192*188*70 With ear
    ATO-WJB-F24-T 192*188*100  
    ATO-WJB-F25-T 83*81*56  
    ATO-WJB-F50-T 300*280*140  


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