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    Isolated DC-DC Converter, 24V to 5V

    24V to 5V isolated DC-DC power converter is a step down converter which widely used in artificial intelligence, communication base stations and industrial control, with range of input voltage 18V to 36V DC, output current 20 amps and output power 100 watts, up to 90% high conversion efficiency at economical price.
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    ATO isolated DC-DC converter is a step down converter that uses a synchronous rectification technology, and features high efficiency and power density. It provides that rated output voltage of 5V and the maximum output current of 20A.


    • 100% full power, high stability output.
    • Isolated DC-DC converter uses high-quality thermal conductive silicone potting, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, with die-casting aluminum alloy shell, small size, and easy installation.
    • Wide voltage input, built-in overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, short circuit and other automatic protection functions.
    • CE, RoHS certification, up to 100,000 hours of service life.

    Isolated DC-DC Buck Converter Specification

    Model ATOWGI20-24S05M (Click to view more specs)
    Input Rated voltage 24V
    Voltage range 18-36V
    Efficiency 90%
    Output Voltage 5V
    Max. rated current 20A
    Max. rated power 100W
    Voltage regulation ±2%
    Load regulation ±2%
    No load loss 70mA
    Ripple & noise 50mV
    Environment Working temperature -40 ~ +80℃
    Working humidity 5% ~ 95%RH
    Storage temperature -55 ~ +100℃
    Function Short circuit protection NO
    Over current protection YES
    Waterproof IP67
    Over temperature protection YES
    Over-voltage protection YES
    Mechanical Weight 250g
    Size 74*74*29.5mm

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of isolated DC-DC converter 24V to 5V

    Tips: What is an isolated DC-DC converter?

    An isolated DC-DC converter is an electrical device used to convert one direct current (DC) voltage level to another while providing electrical isolation between the input and output circuits. This isolation is essential to protect sensitive components, ensure safety, and reduce electrical noise.

    The converter typically consists of two main stages: the primary side and the secondary side. On the primary side, it features an input voltage and a switching circuit (often a transformer) that steps up or down the voltage. This switching action generates an alternating current (AC), which is then rectified back to DC on the secondary side. Isolation is achieved through the physical separation of the windings in the transformer, preventing a direct electrical connection between the input and output.

    Isolated DC-DC converters are commonly used in various applications, including power supplies for electronics, renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, and industrial equipment, where voltage transformation and electrical isolation are necessary for proper functioning and safety.

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