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    Isolated DC-DC Converter, 48V to 5V

    Favorable price isolated DC-DC power converter is a step down converter which widely used in artificial intelligence, communication base stations and industrial control, with range of input voltage 36V to 75V DC, output voltage 5V DC, output current 20 amps and output power 120 watts, high conversion efficiency and high quality.
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    48V to 5V isolated DC-DC converter is a buck converter that uses a synchronous rectification technology, and features high efficiency and power density. It provides that rated output voltage of 5V and the maximum output current of 20 amps.


    • 100% full power, high stability output.
    • Isolated DC-DC converter uses high-quality thermal conductive silicone potting, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, with die-casting aluminum alloy shell, small size, and easy installation.
    • Wide voltage input, built-in overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, short circuit and other automatic protection functions.
    • CE, RoHS certification, up to 100,000 hours of service life.

    Isolated DC-DC Buck Converter Specification

    Model ATOWGI20-48S05L (Click to view more specs)
    Input Rated voltage 48V
    Voltage range 36-75V
    Efficiency 91%
    Output Voltage 5V
    Max. rated current 20A
    Max. rated power 120W
    Voltage regulation ±2%
    Load regulation ±2%
    No load loss 70mA
    Ripple & noise 50mV
    Environment Working temperature -40 ~ +80℃
    Working humidity 5% ~ 95%RH
    Storage temperature -55 ~ +100℃
    Function Short circuit protection NO
    Over current protection YES
    Waterproof IP68
    Over temperature protection YES
    Over voltage protection YES
    Mechanical Weight 250g
    Size 110*70*23mm

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of isolated DC-DC converter 48V to 5V

    Tips: Different types of DC-DC converter

    • Non-isolated DC-DC converter
      Non-isolated DC-DC converters have direct connections between input and output circuits. Compared to isolated models, they are used for low-power equipment to benefit from their relatively lower cost, smaller size, and higher efficiency, as no transformer will lose energy. This type is used in communications, computers, automobiles, and other industries.
    • Isolated DC-DC converter
      In isolated converters, input and output are separated from each other. It prevents dc current between two circuits. Usually, the primary and secondary circuits are kept separate for safety reasons, which is why this design is widely used for high-voltage DC-DC converters. In addition, isolated DC-DC converter allows you to disconnect ground loops to protect sensitive circuits from noise.
    • Buck DC-DC converter
      Also known as step-down converters and choppers, they produce a lower output voltage than the input. In a simple buck converter, the switching element quickly turns power on and off. The output voltage looks like a series of square waves. When the switch is turned on, the coils and capacitors accumulate energy. The capacitor also smoothes these waves into a DC voltage. When the voltage reaches the required level, the switching element closes and the diode turns on. Self-induced electromotive force causes a current to flow through the diode. The accumulated energy in the coil charges the load.
    • Boost DC-DC converter
      Also known as DC-DC step-up converters, they can produce a voltage higher than the input voltage. In a typical boost converter, the induction coil receives almost all the current, and the closing diode does not allow the current to charge the capacitor and load. Due to the higher current, the coil will accumulate more magnetic field energy than the step-down schematic. When the voltage drops to a certain point, the power button turns off and the diode turns on. The input voltage increases the energy stored in the coil, which makes the output voltage of the boost DC-DC converter higher than the input voltage.
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