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    Isolated DC-DC Converter, 220V to 12V

    High quality and cost-effective isolated DC-DC power converter is a buck converter with wide range of input voltage 127V to 380V DC, output voltage 12V DC, output current 25A and output power 300W, up to 95% conversion efficiency, widely used in artificial intelligence, communication base stations and industrial control.
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    220V to 12V isolated DC-DC converter is a step down converter that uses a synchronous rectification technology, and features high efficiency and power density. It provides that rated output voltage of 12V and the maximum output current of 25A.


    • 100% full power, high stability output.
    • 100% full load aging test.
    • 100% complete isolation of input and output, safe and stable.
    • Aluminum alloy shell, small size and easy installation.
    • Built-in overcurrent, over temperature, short circuit, reverse connection and other protection functions.
    • Wide voltage 127-380VDC input, up to 95% conversion efficiency.
    • Isolated DC-DC buck converter is widely used in artificial intelligence, communication base stations and industrial control, etc.

    Isolated DC-DC Buck Converter Specification

    • Model: ATOWGI25-220S12L
    • Input Rated Voltage: 220V DC
    • Input Voltage Range: 127-380V DC
    • Conversion Efficiency: 95%
    • Output Voltage: 12V DC
    • Output Current: 25A
    • Output Power: 300W
    • Voltage Regulation: < 1%
    • Load Regulation: < 2%
    • Ripple & Noise: 300mVp-p
    • Load Loss: 20mA
    • Operating Temperature: -40°C~ +60°C
    • Input Wiring Type: Terminal
    • Output Wiring Type: Terminal
    • Heat Dissipation Method: Natural Heat Dissipation of the Shell
    • Dimensions: 185*60*30mm
    • Weight: 0.5kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of isolated DC-DC converter 220V

    Tips: Isolated DC-DC converter working principle

    The input circuit rectifies and filters the alternating current into direct current, and controls the energy storage of the primary winding of the transformer through the periodic on-off of the power switch tube, and converts the direct current voltage into a high-frequency square wave voltage, which is boosted or stepped down by the transformer, and then rectified. Filtering becomes DC voltage or current.

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