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    LM25UU Metric Size Linear Ball Bearings with Double Seals

    LM25UU 25mm linear motion bearings are produced with a chrome steel outer cylinder, polyamide retainer, bearing balls and two side seals to prevent invading dirt and moisture. The bearing ball is in point contact with the shaft so that the friction resistance is small and the bearing balls are suitable for low-load and high speed movement.
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    Metric size liner ball bearings with nylon retainer, steel-made outer cylinder, balls and two end rings. These linear ball bearings primarily stand out for compact design, easy assembly, very smooth running, high-load capacity, high rigidity. Adjustable types are also available for play-free operation.


    lm uu linear bearing dimension

    Nominal shaft diameter Resin retainer dr
    LM…UU Ball circuit Weight LM…UU-AJ Ball circuit Weight LM…UU-OP Ball circuit Weight mm Tolerance
    Precision High
    8mm LM8UU 4 15g LM8UU-AJ 4 14.7g - - - 8 0
    10mm LM10UU 4 29.5g LM10UU-AJ 4 29g LM10UU-OP 3 23g 10
    12mm LM12UU 4 31.5g LM12UU-AJ 4 31g LM12UU-OP 3 25g 12
    16mm LM16UU 5 69g LM16UU-AJ 5 68g LM16UU-OP 4 52g 16
    20mm LM20UU 5 87g LM20UU-AJ 5 85g LM20UU-OP 4 69g 20 0
    25mm LM25UU 6 220g LM25UU-AJ 6 216g LM25UU-OP 5 188g 25
    30mm LM30UU 6 250g LM30UU-AJ 6 245g LM30UU-OP 5 210g 30
    35mm LM35UU 6 390g LM35UU-AJ 6 384g LM35UU-OP 5 335g 35 0
    40mm LM40UU 6 585g LM40UU-AJ 6 579g LM40UU-OP 5 500g 40
    50mm LM50UU 6 1580g LM50UU-AJ 6 1560g LM50UU-OP 5 1340g 50
    60mm LM60UU 6 1860g LM60UU-AJ 6 1820g LM60UU-OP 5 1610g 60 0


    Major dimensions and tolerance Eccentricity Radial clearance (Max) Basic load rating
    D L B W D1 h h1 θ
    mm Tolerance mm Tolerance mm Tolerance Precision High Dynamic  Static
    15 0
    24 0
    17.5 0
    1.1mm 14.3mm 1mm - - 8μm 12μm -3μm 274c N 392co N
    19 0
    29 22 1.3mm 18mm 1mm 6.8mm 80° -4μm 372c N 549co N
    21 30 23 1.3mm 20mm 1.5mm 8mm 80° 510c N 784co N
    28 37 26.5 1.6mm 27mm 1.5mm 11mm 80° -6μm 774c N 1180co N
    32 0
    42 30.5 1.6mm 30.5mm 1.5mm 11mm 60° 10μm 15μm 882c N 1370co N
    40 59 0
    41 0
    1.85mm 38mm 2mm 12mm 50° 980c N 1570co N
    45 64 44.5 1.85mm 43mm 2.5mm 15mm 50° -8μm 1570c N 2740co N
    52 0
    70 49.5 2.1mm 49mm 2.5mm 17mm 50° 12μm 20μm 1670c N 3140co N
    60 80 60.5 2.1mm 57mm 3mm 20mm 50° -10μm 2160c N 4020co N
    80 100 74 2.6mm 76.5mm 3mm 25mm 50° -13μm 3820c N 7940co N
    90 0
    110 85 3.15mm 86.5mm 3mm 30mm 50° 17μm 25μm 4700c N 10000co N

    Tips: Ten Advantages of ATO Linear Ball Bearings

    1. High precision
      The LM linear bearing has a hardened outer cylinder and steel balls. Its components are made with high accuracy, so it can deliver precise motion control, along with higher loads and greater rigidity.
    2. Corrosion-and-rust resistance
      The linear bearing pillow block is made of galvanized aluminum alloy, well-designed and anti-corrosion. Hard chrome-plated shaft delivers anti-rust property.
    3. Easy bearing replacement
      Linear ball bearings adopt standardized design for easier and less costly replacement, less precaution and time-saving during assembly, characterized by distinct structure, compactness and light weight.
    4. Smooth and quiet operation
      Linear ball bearings have the lowest friction resistance as the steel balls loaded in the high tensile resin retainer are in point contact with the bearing housing. Therefore, the bearings can provide very smooth linear motion while reducing the noise.
    5. Long lifespan
      The friction coefficient of linear ball bearings do not change with the increase in load so as to ensure the long service time of the bearing even when working under heavy load. Note incidentally that LM linear ball bearings can deal with loads applied from any direction.
    6. Double-sealed Design
      ATO’s linear ball bearing adopt seals on both sides in order to prevent leaking of lubricant and avoid any exposure from environmental contaminants, suitable for use in places where there is a lot of dust or foreign objects are easy to invade.
    7. Energy-efficient and Able to increase motor performance
      The point contact between the balls and the bearing housing allows the steel balls rotate with very little frictional resistance, so that ball bearings do not have static friction to overcome before moving, enabling them to be energy-efficient and to obtain high-precision and smooth movement.
    8. Simple maintenance
      Save internal grease-lubrication of the bearing, making it easy for maintenance.
    9. Large operating range temperature ( -40 ~ 180 degree)
    10. Cost-efficient
      Featured with light weight, corrosion-resistance, easy replacement and low cost, linear ball bearings can help maximize the performance of various equipment in a bid to deliver best efficiency. Competitive prices lower their cost on the market.

    Simple, reliable, and highly effective, ball bearings are immensely valuable for reducing friction and wear while improving operational efficiency in all types of machinery.

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