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    LM8UU Metric Size Linear Ball Bearings with Double Seals

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    This 8 x 15 x 24 mm (LM8UU) linear ball bearing works with 8mm shafts, compact and lightweight, made of carbon steel material with ball lubrication in the tracks for high capacity and long life span. Suitable for use in a mounted slide unit to carry components. Double seal-closed types, open types and adjustable types are optional.
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    Low cost linear ball bushings for most applications. These items are constructed with hardened steel segments for ultra-smooth, long-lasting linear motion. Inner cavities serve as lubrication reservoirs for long lubrication. These bearings have proven to be long lasting and provide precise low friction linear movement.


    lm uu linear bearing dimension

    Nominal shaft diameter Resin retainer dr
    LM…UU Ball circuit Weight LM…UU-AJ Ball circuit Weight LM…UU-OP Ball circuit Weight mm Tolerance
    Precision High
    8mm LM8UU 4 15g LM8UU-AJ 4 14.7g - - - 8 0
    10mm LM10UU 4 29.5g LM10UU-AJ 4 29g LM10UU-OP 3 23g 10
    12mm LM12UU 4 31.5g LM12UU-AJ 4 31g LM12UU-OP 3 25g 12
    16mm LM16UU 5 69g LM16UU-AJ 5 68g LM16UU-OP 4 52g 16
    20mm LM20UU 5 87g LM20UU-AJ 5 85g LM20UU-OP 4 69g 20 0
    25mm LM25UU 6 220g LM25UU-AJ 6 216g LM25UU-OP 5 188g 25
    30mm LM30UU 6 250g LM30UU-AJ 6 245g LM30UU-OP 5 210g 30
    35mm LM35UU 6 390g LM35UU-AJ 6 384g LM35UU-OP 5 335g 35 0
    40mm LM40UU 6 585g LM40UU-AJ 6 579g LM40UU-OP 5 500g 40
    50mm LM50UU 6 1580g LM50UU-AJ 6 1560g LM50UU-OP 5 1340g 50
    60mm LM60UU 6 1860g LM60UU-AJ 6 1820g LM60UU-OP 5 1610g 60 0


    Major dimensions and tolerance Eccentricity Radial clearance (Max) Basic load rating
    D L B W D1 h h1 θ
    mm Tolerance mm Tolerance mm Tolerance Precision High Dynamic  Static
    15 0
    24 0
    17.5 0
    1.1mm 14.3mm 1mm - - 8μm 12μm -3μm 274c N 392cN
    19 0
    29 22 1.3mm 18mm 1mm 6.8mm 80° -4μm 372c N 549co N
    21 30 23 1.3mm 20mm 1.5mm 8mm 80° 510c N 784co N
    28 37 26.5 1.6mm 27mm 1.5mm 11mm 80° -6μm 774c N 1180co N
    32 0
    42 30.5 1.6mm 30.5mm 1.5mm 11mm 60° 10μm 15μm 882c N 1370co N
    40 59 0
    41 0
    1.85mm 38mm 2mm 12mm 50° 980c N 1570co N
    45 64 44.5 1.85mm 43mm 2.5mm 15mm 50° -8μm 1570c N 2740co N
    52 0
    70 49.5 2.1mm 49mm 2.5mm 17mm 50° 12μm 20μm 1670c N 3140co N
    60 80 60.5 2.1mm 57mm 3mm 20mm 50° -10μm 2160c N 4020co N
    80 100 74 2.6mm 76.5mm 3mm 25mm 50° -13μm 3820c N 7940co N
    90 0
    110 85 3.15mm 86.5mm 3mm 30mm 50° 17μm 25μm 4700c N 10000co N

    Tips: How to Mount a Linear Ball Bearing

    1. Remove burrs, dirt and scratches on the mounting surface of the specific machine, and on the bearing's part, wash off the anti-rust oil on the surface by using cleaning oil. It’s important to note that the ball bushing could be vulnerable to rust without the protection of anti-rust oil, so it’s advised to apply lubricating oil to the spindle with lower viscosity.
    2. The table needs to be level during mounting, otherwise it will interfere with installation calibration. Gently place the linear ball bearing on the table, and engage the linear guide with the lateral mounting surface by using set screws or any other tools to tighten them up. (Make sure ahead of mounting that screw holes are consistent in case that the accuracy and performance of the units get diminished due to the forcible tightening of the inconsistent bolts. )
    3. Fasten the set screws of the linear bearing from the center to both sides to fit the track with the vertical mounting surface. By so doing, you can sustain the accuracy during operation.
    4. Use a torque wrench to lock every part accordingly , and tighten the set screws on the linear bearing slide rail.
    5. Mount the secondary rail in the same manner, and in some cases, you need to install the sliding seat on the main rail and the secondary rail. Note that after the sliding seat is installed on the linear sliding track, many subsequent accessories cannot be installed due to the limited installation space. Therefore, all the required accessories should be mounted before installing the sliding seat.
    6. Gently place the mobile platform on the sliding seats of the linear bearing main rail and the secondary rail, and then fasten the lateral compression screws on the platform, installation accomplished.


    1. When pressing the linear ball bearing into the bearing pillow block, do not let the bearing outer surface, snap rings and sealing rings collide with the inner surface of the block. To prevent the bearing from deformation, you’d better use built-for-purpose tools and press in the bearing carefully.
    2. Do not put the bearing into the pillow block by twisting or else the bearing will get damaged.
    3. Keep axes parallel when incorporating the shaft into the linear bearing. Do not insert the shaft at a large angle into the bearing, otherwise the bearing will suffer reduction in accuracy and service life or worse still it may even cause steel balls to fall off.  
    Existing reviews of LM8UU Metric Size Linear Ball Bearings with Double Seals
    Linear ball bearing work as advertised
    To my surprise, these bearings do work. Excellent quality, smooth running, I am very satisfied with this purchase, the linear ball bearing is of good quality and does what they promise.
    From: Parker | Date: 01/06/2022
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    Rolling Smooth! No complaints.
    This is my second order of these linear ball bearings. Rolling them feels very smooth- no noticeable grit or grinding. Be sure to check the size bearing that you are going to need for your application or repair. As they do come in very many different sizes.
    From: Hardy | Date: 26/04/2022
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