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    Outrunner BLDC Motors

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    6000W 120KV 6-20S Waterproof Brushless DC Motor, IP68

    SKU: ATO-BLDC-WP6000
    Buy 6000W waterproof brushless DC motor at ideal price. Rotation speed 120KV for selection, input voltage 6-12S (DC 25.2-84V), torque 9 N.m. Underwater BLDC motor kit (motor + controller + propeller) is available, for electric surfboard, thruster, submersible equipment, etc.

    8000W 200KV 14S Outrunner Brushless Motor for Electric Skateboard

    SKU: ATO-BLDC-ES8000
    Water cooled brushless DC motor for sale. Rotation speed 200KV, high power 8000W, input voltage 14S (DC 51V), max current 158 Amps, shaft diameter 12mm, high torque 18 N.m. Low cost outrunner BLDC motor for propeller, electric skateboard, mini boat, Karting, etc. Matched with controller for higher efficiency.

    Outrunner BLDC motor is shorter than inrunner BLDC motor and offer a cost-effective solution especially suitable for large series. In these motors the permanent magnets are mounted on the rotor housing which rotates around the internal stator with the windings. Due to the higher inertia of the rotor, brushless outrunner motor has a lower torque ripple than inrunner motor.

    ATO outrunner motor for sale at lower cost, which is a type of brushless DC motor with high quality and performance. They feature 400W to 8000W power, 100KV to 300KV rotation speed, waterproof at IP68 grade, external rotor design for better cooling, high-torque alternative to inrunner brushless motors. Brushless DC motor outrunner combines with ESC controller suitable for direct-drive propeller / Efoil electric surfboard, skateboard and longboard applications.