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    Uniaxial Shear Resistance Strain Gauge

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    Buy discount resistive shear strain gauge online, with self-compensation for temperature and creep, and can be encapsulated or open faced on request, stable, flexible and easy to handle, ideal for stress analysis, trace measurements.
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    The uniaxial shear strain gauge is an element that changes its resistance when subjected to strain. The uniaxial shear strain gauge was developed specifically for the manufacture of precision force and torque transducers using the shear beam principle of operation.


    • Model: ATO-SG-AB
    • Deviation of Nominal value: ≤±0.5%
    • Tolerance of the Mean Value: ≤±0.1 %
    • Sensitivity Factor: 2.0~2.2
    • Dispersion of the Mean: ± 1 %
    • Average Heat Output Coefficient: 1 μm/m/C
    • Dispersion of Average Heat Output: ≤30μm/m/C
    • Insulation Resistance: 10^4 MΩ
    • Fatigue Life: ≥10^7
    • Operating Temperature: -30℃~150℃

    Shear Strain Gauge Structure Diagram

    Resistance strain-gauge structure diagram
    Electrical Resistance Strain Gauge Model (Unit: mm)

    Model Sensitive Grid Size Base Size
    ATO-SG350-1AB 1.6×1.5 9.6×2.7
    ATO-350-3AB 3.8×3.1 8.0×4.1
    ATO-SG1000-3AB 3.8×3.1 8.0×4.1

    Tips: What is shear strain gauge?

    Shear strain means that in the case of simple shear, the material is subjected to a force F which is two forces of equal magnitude and opposite direction parallel to the cross section A0, and under this shear force, the material will be deflected. The tangent of the deflection angle θ is defined as the shear strain γ: i.e. γ = tanθ. When the shear strain is small enough, γ = θ and the corresponding shear stress is τ = F/S.

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