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    Half Bridge Uniaxial Strain Gauge

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    Uniaxial strain gauges is a component consisting of a sensitive grid for measuring strain, with high measurement accuracy, resistor is optional 350Ω or 1000Ω, half bridge strain gages can be applied to a wide variety of scales, industrial force measurement, stress analysis tests and high temperature melt pressure sensors.
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    Half bridge resistance strain gauge for sale, available in a variety of models, the uniaxial strain gauge's robust construction and flexibility make it suitable for high-precision static and dynamic measurements.


    • Model: ATO-SG-AA
    • Deviation of Nominal value: ≤±0.5%
    • Tolerance of the Mean Value: ≤±0.1 %
    • Sensitivity Factor: 2.0~2.2
    • Dispersion of the Mean: ± 1 %
    • Average Heat Output Coefficient: 1 μm/m/C
    • Dispersion of Average Heat Output: ≤30μm/m/C
    • Insulation Resistance: 10^4 MΩ
    • Fatigue Life: ≥10^7
    • Operating Temperature: -30℃~150℃

    Uniaxial Strain Gauge Structure Diagram

    Uniaxial strain gauge structure
    Half Bridge Strain Gauge Model (Unit: mm)

    Model Sensitive Grid Size Base Size
    ATO-SG120-1AA 1.0×3.14 4.7×4.0
    ATO-SG120-3AA 3.0×2.44 6.6×3.4
    ATO-SG175-3AA 3.0×2.6 6.6×3.6
    ATO-SG350-1AA 1.0×3.75 4.6×4.7
    ATO-SG350-1.5AA 1.7×3.85 4.8×4.7
    ATO-SG350-2AA 2.1×3.4 5.1×4.2
    ATO-SG350-3AA 3.2×3.1 7.3×4.1

    Tips: What is a strain gauge?

    Strain gauges are object strain used to measure dynamic sensors. Indirectly using strain measurement, they can also be used for stress measurement and load cells.

    When the stress inside the structure under test changes, the strain gauge feels the deformation simultaneously, and the deformation is transmitted to the vibrating string through the front and rear end holders to transform it into a change in the stress of the vibrating string, thus changing the vibration frequency of the vibrating string. The electromagnetic coil excites the vibrating chord and measures its vibration frequency. The frequency signal is transmitted to the reading device through the cable, and the internal strain in the structure under test can be measured. At the same time, the temperature value of the buried point can be measured simultaneously.

    Existing reviews of Half Bridge Uniaxial Strain Gauge
    Durable and stable
    I'm really impressed by this half bridge uniaxial strain gauge product. I particularly like its precision design, which accurately captures strain signals, allowing me to achieve higher precision and repeatability in my experiments and projects. Moreover, its durability and stability, which I deeply trust, have never let me down. Thanks for providing such an excellent tool!
    From: Jennifer Taylor | Date: 18/09/2023
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