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    Diaphragm Strain Gauge for Pressure Transducer

    Diaphragm strain gauges are made of etched metal foil with a thickness of 0.005mm, resistance value 350 ohm or 1000 ohm, strain gauges designed for precision pressure transducers, with low prices and a wide range of models.
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    Diaphragm rosette strain gauge for pressure transducer, consisting of four parts: substrate, sensitive grid, adhesive, protective layer, widely used in various types of scales, industrial force measurement, stress analysis testing and high temperature melt pressure sensors.


    • Model: ATO-SG-KA
    • Deviation of Nominal value: ≤±0.5%
    • Tolerance of the Mean Value: ≤±0.1 %
    • Sensitivity Factor: 2.0~2.2
    • Dispersion of the Mean: ± 1 %
    • Average Heat Output Coefficient: 1 μm/m/C
    • Dispersion of Average Heat Output: ≤30μm/m/C
    • Insulation Resistance: 10^4 MΩ
    • Fatigue Life: ≥10^7
    • Operating Temperature: -30℃~150℃

    Diaphragm Strain Gauge Structure Diagram

    Diaphragm strain gauge structure diagram

    Rosette Strain Gauge Model (Unit: mm)

    Model Sensitive Grid Size Base Size
    ATO-SG350-6KA Φ6.3 Φ10.2
    ATO-SG350-8KA Φ7.8 Φ8.6
    ATO-SG350-10KA Φ9.2 Φ10.2
    ATO-SG350-12KA Φ11 Φ12
    ATO-SG350-15KA Φ13.8 Φ15
    ATO-SG350-18KA Φ16.6 Φ18
    ATO-SG1000-6KA Φ6.1 Φ10.2

    Tips: How to choose the resistance value of the strain gauge?

    The resistance value of the strain gauge is selected according to the requirements of the test instrument for the resistance value of the strain gauge and the sensitivity of the measurement strain, as well as the test conditions. For example, when doing stress testing, in order to match the resistance strain gauge, the 1200 strain gauge is generally used: for the sensor, in order to improve its stability or output sensitivity, high resistance (such as 3502, 502, 10002 or even higher) is often used. , sometimes considering the signal-to-noise ratio, the power consumption is also selected with a high resistance value strain gauge.

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