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    Three Phase DIN Rail Electric kWh Energy Meter

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    The provided digital electric energy meter is 3 phase 4 wire, current direct connection up to 100A, 35mm DIN rail mounted, Modbus RS-485 and pulse output, LCD display mode, is ideal for basic kWh metering.
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    Electric kWh Energy Meter Features

    • 3 phase 4 wire 3x230/400V AC
    • Class 1 accuracy for active energy
    • 5(100)A direct input currnt or 1.5(6)A via CT access
    • 1 active energy pulse output
    • RS485 communication interface, support Modbus-RTU protocol
    • Voltage/Current/Active power/Power factor/Frequency measurement
    • Compact design, DIN rail mounting

    Electric kWh Energy Meter Description

    Model ATODTS1946
    Accuracy Grade Grade-1 accuracy for active energy
    Phase Three phase (4 wire)
    Rated Voltage 3x230/400V AC
    Current Input Direct input: 5(100)A / Via CT input: 1.5(6)A
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Display Mode LCD display
    Display Digits 7
    Energy Pulse 1 active energy pulse output, pulse width (80±20%) ms
    Measurement Range Voltage/Current/Active power/Power factor/Frequency
    RS485 Communication Interface Modbus-RTU protocol, baud rate up to 9600bps
    IP Protection IP54 (panel) /IP20 (case)
    Certificate CE/ ISO/ MID
    Warranty Period 12 months
    Dimension 126*66*90mm
    Weight 2.5kg
    Installation Din rail 35mm
    Work Temperature -10℃~55℃
    Storage Temperature -25℃~70℃

    Electric kWh Energy Meter Dimension


    3 phase DIN rail digital energy meter dimension

    Electric kWh Energy Meter Wiring

    3 phase direct input energy meter wiring

    Tips: What is the mean of 5A in the energy meter 5(100)A?

    The 5 out of the brackets is called the basic current, or the demarcated current. It is determined by the start-up current of the energy meter. It is the minimum current enabling the energy meter to rotate and measure continuously.

    In normal conditions, the start-up current of the intelligent energy meter is 0.4% of the demarcated current. In other words, as to the energy meter with the demarcated current of 5A, as long as the current in the circuit reaches 0.02A, it will be charged.

    There is a ratio between the demarcated current and maximum rated current. For instance, 5(100)A has a relationship of 20 times. Such a ratio is called the "loading width". Generally, it can be 2 times, 4 times, 6 times, 8 times and even dozens of times. A bigger loading width requires a stronger technical level. In the meanwhile, the price of the energy meter will be higher naturally.

    Therefore, the figure out of the brackets has not too much relationship with the user's practical operation. The measurement of the energy meter will not be affected if it is higher or lower than the figure.

    Existing reviews of Three Phase DIN Rail Electric kWh Energy Meter
    Powerful kWh energy meter
    The three-phase electric kWh energy meter was exactly as advertised and listed, much appreciated! Our electrician had no experience with this model, but was able to install easily and so far, the unit is performing as expected.
    From: Coolforcats | Date: 22/11/2022
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