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    1 Phase DIN Rail Multi-function kWh Energy Meter

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    Single phase 2 wire digital electric energy meter is active energy Class 1 accuracy, with LCD display, Modbus RS-485 and pulse output, 5(100)A direct input or 1.5(6)A via CT input current, 35mm DIN rail mounted, is ideal for basic kWh metering.
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    Single Phase Digital kWh Energy Meter Features

    • Direct connected up to 100A
    • RS485 communication interface, support Modbus-RTU protocol
    • LCD display type and with 7 display digits
    • 35mm DIN-rail mounted, compact size
    • 1 active energy pulse output
    •  Low power consumption
    • With multi-function of measuring voltage/current/active power/power factor/frequency

    Digital kWh Energy Meter Description

    Model ATODDS1946
    Accuracy Grade Grade-1 accuracy for active energy
    Phase Single phase (2 wire)
    Rated Voltage 230V
    Current Input Direct input: 5(100)A / Via CT input: 1.5(6)A
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Display Mode LCD display
    Display Digits 7
    Energy Pulse 1 energy pulse output, pulse width (80±20%) ms
    Measurement Range Voltage/Current/Active power/Power factor/Frequency
    RS485 Communication Interface Modbus-RTU protocol or DL/T 645 protocol
    IP Protection IP54 (panel) /IP20 (case)
    Certificate CE/ ISO/ MID
    Warranty Period 12 months
    Dimension 63.5*72*90mm
    Weight 2 kg
    Installation DIN rail 35mm
    Work Temperature -10℃~55℃
    Storage Temperature -25℃~70℃

    Digital kWh Energy Meter Dimension


    Single phase din rail energy meter dimension

    Digital kWh Energy Meter Wiring

    1 phase direct input energy meter wiring

    Tips: Notes for installation and use of energy meter

    1. The installation site of the energy meter should be dry, convenient for reading, free of any dust, heat source, mechanical vibration or magnetic interference(The lead with a distance of over 100A should not be smaller than 400mm). The distance to the heat distribution pipeline should not be smaller than 0.5m. If it is installed outdoor, the rain-proof measures should be taken.
    2. The power circuits of different power prices should be installed with the meters separately. The power circuits of the same power price should be installed with the meter in a combined manner.
    3. The energy meter should be installed vertically. The front, rear, left and right inclination are not more than 2°, especially the mechanical energy meter. When the inclination is 5°, it will cause 10% measurement error. The center of the energy meter is generally 1.5~1.8m away from the ground. When it is installed in a complete set of switchgear cabinet, the distance from the ground shall not be less than 0.7m, and the distance between the centers of the two meters shall not be less than 200mm. The incoming line is connected to the power while the outlet is connected to the load. The three-phase energy meter should be connected to the circuit in the positive phase sequence and wired according to the wiring diagram on the terminal cover.
    4. The energy meter equipped with the transformer, the same-name terminals of the secondary winding of the transformer should not be connected wrongly, that is, the L1 and K1 of the input end of the power phase line and the L2 and K2 of the output end should be corresponding, and should not be connected reversely, otherwise, the intelligent energy meter might rotate in a reversed direction, not rotate or have inaccurate measurement. The switch and fuse protector should be connected to the load side of the energy meter.
    Existing reviews of 1 Phase DIN Rail Multi-function kWh Energy Meter
    High-quality 1-phase energy meter
    I received this 1-phase energy meter. The packaging is tight and there is no damage. I opened it and saw that the workmanship was exquisite, and the electrician immediately replaced it. The energy meter scale standard is as cheap as the one bought in the store, which is very good.
    From: Kimberly | Date: 12/12/2021
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