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    Double Acting Welded Hydraulic Cylinder, 32 inch (800mm) Stroke

    Double acting welded hydralic cylinder for sale online, 32 inch (800mm) stroke, bore diameters are available in 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm and 100mm, load capacity 2/ 3/ 5/ 8/ 12 ton. It uses hydraulic fluid to exert force in two directions, making it ideal for tasks requiring power and precision, such as splitting logs, tilting dump truck beds, lifting heavy loads, or controlling robotic movements.
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    Small double acting welded hydraulic cylinders are commonly used in mini excavators, robots, log splitters, dump trucks, press machine and dump trailers, and more. They are capable of performing pushing and pulling actions, making them versatile for tasks that require controlled movement and force in both directions.


    Model ATO-HSG40800 ATO-HSG50800 ATO-HSG63800 ATO-HSG80800 ATO-HSG100800
    Acting Type Double Acting
    Stroke 32 inch (800mm)
    Rated Pressure 16Mpa
    Installation Double Ear Welding Type
    Speed Ratio 1:3
    Bore Diameter φ40mm φ50mm φ63mm φ80mm φ100mm
    Load Capacity 2 Ton 3 Ton 5 Ton 8 Ton 12 Ton
    Rated Push Force 30772N (3 Ton) 30772N (3 Ton) 49850N (5 Ton) 80384N (8 Ton) 80384N (8 Ton)
    Rated Pull Force 21121N (2 Ton) 21121N (2 Ton) 31681N (3 Ton) 48984N (5 Ton) 49014N (5 Ton)
    Oil Port 18*1.5 18*1.5 18*1.5 18*1.5 22*1.5

    Note: If you need to customize welded hydraulic cylinders of other sizes, including bore diameter, stroke, etc., please feel free to contact us.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)


    40mm bore welded hydraulic cylinder dimension


    50mm bore welded hydraulic cylinder dimension


    63mm bore welded hydraulic cylinder dimension


    80mm bore welded hydraulic cylinder dimension


    100mm bore welded hydraulic cylinder dimension

    Model Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Rod Diameter Stroke Oil Port Pin Hole Installation Distance Total Length
    ATO-HSG40800 40 50 25 800 18*1.5 20 1030 1080
    ATO-HSG50800 50 60 28 800 18*1.5 20 1040 1090
    ATO-HSG63800 63 73 35 800 18*1.5 30 1070 1140
    ATO-HSG80800 80 90 50 800 18*1.5 40 1170 1260
    ATO-HSG100800 100 112 63 800 22*1.5 50 470 560

    Tips: Can a single acting hydraulic cylinder be converted to double acting?

    Converting a single acting hydraulic cylinder to a double acting one is possible but involves modifications and additional components. A single-acting cylinder operates in one direction, usually extending under hydraulic pressure and retracting by a spring or external force. To make it double acting, you need to add a second hydraulic port on the cylinder's blind end, allowing fluid to push and retract the piston.

    The conversion process typically involves disassembling the cylinder, machining the blind end to create the new port, and installing seals and a rod on the blind end to make it functional. Additionally, you'll need to modify your hydraulic system to accommodate the double acting hydraulic cylinder, with the appropriate control valves, hoses, and connections.

    While conversion is feasible, it requires some technical expertise and equipment. It's crucial to ensure that the cylinder's structural integrity and seal compatibility are maintained during the modification to prevent leaks or operational issues. Consulting with a hydraulic expert is advisable to ensure a successful conversion.

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