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    0.2 HP (0.15 kW) Magnetic Drive Pump

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    0.2 hp magnetic water pump adopts solid TEFC construction motor, painted with 2 parts epoxy paint. Magnetic drive pump operates at frequency of 50 and 60 Hz. Ceramic bearing and ceramic spindle achieve self priming magnetic drive pump long life expectancy. Mag drive pump widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and metal industry.
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    Mag drive water pump offering ceramic bearing and ceramic spindle as standard wearing parts to achieve long life expectancy.


    • The motor is of solid TEFC construction and is painted with 2 parts epoxy paint.
    • Offering ceramic bearing and ceramic spindle as standard wearing parts to achieve long life expectancy.
    • Standard connections available in hose, threads or union type.


    Model 200PS-F
    Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
    Rated Voltage 3-phase 380V (contact us for other voltages)
    Connection Method Hose (mm) Thread (") Flange (A)
    26×26 1×1 25×25
    Pump Performance at Specific Point 50Hz 50 L/min
    60Hz 50 L/min
    Rated Head 50Hz 5.5m
    60Hz 5.5m
    Motor Output 150W

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    PS-F magnetic drive pump dimension

    Model W H L a b c d e f g
    200PS-F 156 165 355 70 100 205 110 66 70 43.5


    Magnetic drive pump application

    Tips: Magnetic Drive Pump Troubleshooting

    • Loss of prime. Potential causes include a leaking suction line, air or gas in the fluid, a leaking foot valve, foreign matter in the impeller, or a leaking valve. Additionally, the foot valve or suction opening may not be sufficiently submerged, or the suction lift may be too high.
    • Excessive power consumption. Check for excessive flow, verify that the head is not lower than the rating, and confirm that the specific gravity and viscosity are not too high.
    • Vibration or noise. Check for foreign objects in the impeller. Ensure the motor and piping are properly secured. Look for drive magnet rubbing.
    Existing reviews of 0.2 HP (0.15 kW) Magnetic Drive Pump
    Great magnetic drive pump
    I purchased this magnetic water pump to supply water to our refrigerator ice maker for ice. Magnetic pump runs quiet and provides adequate flow to the fridge. I am satisfied that it lifts the water and provides more pressure in my home setup.
    From: benson | Date: 20/03/2023
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