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    0.4 HP (0.33 kW) Magnetic Drive Pump

    Economical price magnetic drive water pump with 0.4 hp power for sale. The connection methods of hose, thread and flange are suitable for magnetic pump. Solid TEFC construction of motor makes magnetic drive centrifugal pump more durable. Mag drive pump widely used in chemical industry, metal industry and pharmaceutical industry.
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    Magnetic water pump adopts solid TEFC construction motor, painted with 2 parts epoxy paint. Magnetic pump without seal, can achieve zero leakage, especially suitable for conveying flammable, explosive, corrosive liquid.


    • The motor is of solid TEFC construction and is painted with 2 parts epoxy paint.
    • Offering ceramic bearing and ceramic spindle as standard wearing parts to achieve long life expectancy.
    • Standard connections available in hose, threads or union type.


    Model 300PS-F
    Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
    Rated Voltage 3-phase 380V (contact us for other voltages)
    Connection Method Hose (mm) Thread (") Flange (A)
    26×20 1×3/4 25×25
    Pump Performance at Specific Point 50Hz 50 L/min
    60Hz 50 L/min
    Rated Head 50Hz 16m
    60Hz 21m
    Motor Output 330W

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    PS-F magnetic drive pump dimension

    Model W H L a b c d e f g
    300PS-F 160 175 385 50 110 181 110 75 55 47.5


    Magnetic drive pump application

    Tips: Magnetic Drive Pump Using Tips

    • Proper installation. Magnetic drive pumps should be installed in a stable, level location with enough space around the pump for maintenance and repairs.
    • Appropriate materials. Choose a magnetic drive pump that is made of materials that are compatible with the fluid being pumped.
    • Correct flow rate. Make sure that the pump is sized properly for the desired flow rate.
    • Regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is essential for magnetic drive pumps to keep them functioning properly. This includes checking for leaks, replacing worn seals, and cleaning the pump internals.
    • Avoid dry running. Never run a magnetic drive pump dry as this can cause damage to the pump internals.
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