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    0~200 psi Pressure Gauge, 0 to 14 bar

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    Buy a 0 to 200 psi pressure gauge for measuring water pressure, hydraulic pressure, oil pressure and air pressure. 0~14 bar measuring range, stainless steel for waterproofing. 40mm dual-scale diaphragm pressure gauge with a 1/8" BSPT thread specification, widely used in mining, smelting, medical treatment, maintenance, etc.
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    0 to 200 psi pressure gauges can be used as water pressure gauges, air pressure gauges and oil pressure gauges, which are mainly used for pressure detection in metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, and machinery.  0~14 bar diaphragm pressure gauge, dual-scale display, 40mm dial diameter, stainless steel materials, 1/8" BSPT thread specification, durable and stable.


    • Model: ATO-TS-Y408-200psi
    • Dial Diameter: φ40mm
    • Installation Method: Radial
    • Range: 0~200 psi, 0~14 bar
    • Installation Diameter: 1/8
    • Thread Specification: BSPT
    • Size: 6x4x2.5cm
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Package Size: 8.5x6.5x4.5cm
    • Product Weight: 44g
    • Package Weight: 60g
    • Working Environment Temperature: -40~70°C


    • 0 to 200 psi pressure gauge can be used as a water pressure gauge, air pressure gauge, hydraulic pressure gauge and oil pressure gauge.
    • ATO pressure gauge equipped with dual scale (0~15 psi/0~1 bar), and a lower-mount male connection with a 1/8" BSPT thread.
    • The circular dial is enclosed in a stainless steel case for corrosion resistance, portable 0~1 bar pressure gauge offers clear readings and is weather-resistant.
    • Display accuracy of 2.5% over the entire range of the gauge.
    • Brass and stainless steel wetted parts for measuring non-corrosive liquid and gas pressure. Such as water, oil, fuel, coolant, air, co2, nitrogen, and argon pressure test.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

     Pressure gauge dimension


    Pressure Gauge Details


    Pressure gauge is the most commonly used measuring instrument for displaying and controlling pressure, widely used in the chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, and electric power production, especially in vehicle maintenance shops, heat pipe networks, water and gas supply systems, etc.

    Pressure gauge applications

    Tips: Why use a pressure gauge to measure tire pressure?

    Due to the cold weather, after the tire has not been inflated for a long time, the monitoring of the tire pressure of the car can only rely on the alarm indicator light, and cannot display the detailed pressure value for detecting the tire pressure. The tire pressure of cold tires in summer is about 15% lower than usual, and the tire pressure will decrease during long-distance driving, so it is easy to reduce the tire pressure to a minimum. ATO 0 to 200 psi pressure gauge can be used as a tire pressure gauge. If the tire pressure is too high, a tire blowout will occur at any time, and it will also cause serious tire wear. Therefore, in different seasons, be sure to check the tire pressure.

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    Excellent quality gauge
    This pressure gauge can be used with low-fuel pressure test gauges. I've tested it and it gives accurate results and deserves five stars.
    From: Blythe | Date: 29/03/2023
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