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    0.3 Nm Electromagnetic Power Off Brake, 24VDC

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    The 0.3Nm electromagnetic power off brake offers excellent performance and is rated at 24V DC. Electronic power off brake has advanced safety features such as thermal and overload protection to ensure efficient and reliable braking power for a variety of applications.
    SKU: ATO-POB-S040
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    The lightweight stepper motor brake has a torque rating of 0.3 Nm and a voltage rating of 24 V DC. With its versatile design, the electromagnetic power off brake can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of industrial machinery, including conveyor systems, printing presses and packaging equipment.


    • Model: ATO-POB-S040
    • Static Torque: 0.32 Nm
    • Rated Voltage: DC 24V
    • Rated Power: 6.1W
    • Closing Time: 35 m/s
    • Disconnection Time: 30 m/s
    • Insulation Grade: H
    • Weight: 0.32kg


    • The electromagnetic power-off brake offers a dependable braking performance. The brake engages automatically when the power supply is interrupted or switched off.
    • Power-off brakes are designed with a compact footprint, allowing for easy integration into various systems and machinery without occupying excessive space.
    • The electromagnetic power-off brake has a quick response time, allowing for prompt engagement and disengagement.
    • Due to their simple and robust design, 0.32 Nm power-off brakes require minimal maintenance.

    Dimensions (unit: mm)

    Power off brake dimensions

    Model A B C D E F*F G J K N L V S d δ
    ATO--POB-S040 33 26.5 17 9 14 12 0.1 25.5 30.1 22.8 4 3.3 6 6 0.1


    The electromagnetic power-off brake is suitable for various machinery applications such as metallurgy, machine tools, packaging, construction, chemical industry, food industry, stage equipment, elevators, ships, etc. It is used in situations where braking is required during power failure to achieve rapid stopping, precise positioning, and safe braking.

    Power off brake applications

    Tips: What is a power-off brake?

    A power-off brake is a type of braking system used in various mechanical and electromechanical devices to bring them to a stop when power is removed. It is designed to engage automatically when power is lost or intentionally shut off, ensuring the safe immobilization of the system.

    In many applications, such as electric motors, conveyor systems, or machinery, power is required to keep the system in motion. A power-off brake is incorporated into these systems to prevent uncontrolled movement or coasting when power is interrupted. It provides an additional layer of safety by stopping the motion promptly and securely.

    The construction and operation of power-off brakes can vary depending on the specific application and requirements. However, they typically consist of a braking mechanism, such as friction pads or electromagnetic clutches, and a means of engagement and disengagement. When power is applied, the brake is disengaged, allowing the system to operate freely. As soon as power is cut off, the brake engages and applies a braking force to halt the motion.

    Power-off brakes are commonly used in equipment where safety and controlled stopping are crucial, such as elevators, cranes, winches, conveyors, and various industrial machinery. By automatically engaging when power is lost, they provide an important safety feature and help prevent accidents or damage that could occur due to uncontrolled movement.

    Existing reviews of 0.3 Nm Electromagnetic Power Off Brake, 24VDC
    Reliable Power Off Brake for My Machinery
    I recently purchased the electromagnetic power-off brake for one of my industrial machines, It performs flawlessly, is highly durable, and offers great value for the price.
    From: Hiroshi | Date: 29/10/2023
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