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    0~300 GU Digital Gloss Meter, 60 Degree

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    Buy digital gloss meter at affordable price online. Measurement angle 60 degree, spot area 9*15mm, measuring range 0~300 gloss units, repeatability 0.1~0.2% GU, power supply 3.7V 3200mA battery, supports USB interface for PC connection, RS-232 for printer connection. Gloss tester is suitable for paint, marble, ceramic and other materials in sheen measurement.
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    Digital gloss meter for sale online. Measurement angle 60°, testing range 0~300 GU (gloss unit), spot area 9 x 15mm. Low price gloss tester for sheen measurement in high-precision, applicable medium include paint, ink, coating, paper printing, plastic electronics, car, furniture, ceramics, electroplating, hardware, marble, etc. Automatic calibration is available.


    Model ATO-HG60
    Measuring Angle 60°
    Measuring Range 0~300 GU
    Measuring Spot Area 9 x 15 mm
    Division Value 0.1 GU
    Repeatability 0-10 GU: ± 0.1 GU
    10-100 GU: ± 0.2 GU
    100-300 GU: ± 0.2% GU
    Reproducibility 0-10 GU: ± 0.2 GU
    10-100 GU: ± 0.5 GU
    100-300 GU: ± 0.5% GU
    Chromaticity Corresponding Corresponding with CIE 1931 (2°) under CIE C light source
    Errors ± 1.5, ± 1.5%
    Measuring Time 0.5s
    Dimension L*W*H 160mm*75mm*90mm
    Weight 350g
    Battery 3.7V, 3200mAh Li-ion Battery, >10000 times (within 8 hours)
    Display TFT 3.5 inch
    Interface USB/RS-232
    Storage Basic mode: 1000
    Software GQC6 Quality Control Software with QC report printing functions and more extended functions.
    Operation Temperature 0~40℃ (32~104℉)
    Storage Temperature -20~50℃ (-4~122℉)
    Humidity <85% relative humidity, no condensation
    Standard Accessories Power adapter, USB cable, user manual, GQC6 software CD, calibration plate
    Optional Accessories Miniature printer (Please contact us if you need one)


    • The digital gloss meter provides the basic measurement mode, that is, the sample measurement mode, which directly displays the measured value of sheen, which satisfies the basic gloss test.
    • Gloss meter has a 3.5 inch color digital display, which can display 5 sets of test data at the same time for easy comparison.
    • Digital gloss meter has automatic calibration function, simple operation
    • The digital gloss meter has a built-in rechargeable battery with automatic shutdown function, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

    Digital Gloss Meter Calibration Precautions

    1. The digital gloss meter has an automatic calibration function at power-on. In order to use the gloss tester more conveniently and flexibly, user can choose whether to auto-calibrate when starting up.
    2. If the last shutdown was a manual shutdown, gloss meter will automatically calibrate the next startup. If the last shutdown was an automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of screen rest, gloss meter will not automatically calibrate the next startup.
    3. When the use environment of the digital gloss meter changes (such as drastic changes in temperature, altitude, humidity, etc.), it must be calibrated.
    4. To ensure the accuracy of calibration, please use the standard plate provided by the original manufacturer. Dust on the standard plate will affect the calibration effect. Before calibration, please wipe the working surface of standard plate with a wiping cloth to confirm that the working surface is clean.
    5. The standard plate is a precision optical element, avoid exposure to light, and keep it properly. Due to environmental factors, photometric data of the standard plate will change over time. Therefore, ATO recommends that you send the standard plate to a qualified metrology institute for verification and testing regularly (recommended once a year).

    Digital Gloss Meter Applications

    Digital Gloss Meter Applications

    Tips: Precautions for using the 60 degree gloss meter.

    1. 60 degree gloss meter is a precision measuring instrument. When measuring, avoid drastic changes in the external environment of the glossmeter. For example, avoid flickering of ambient light, rapid temperature changes, etc. during measurement. When measuring gloss, keep the gloss meter stable, and the measuring port should be close to the measured object, and avoid shaking and shifting.
    2. The 60 degree gloss meter is not waterproof, and cannot be used in high humidity environments or in water mist.
    3. Keep the 60 degree gloss meter clean and tidy. Avoid liquid, powder or solid foreign objects such as water and dust from entering the measuring caliber and the inside of the instrument. Avoid collisions with the glossmeter.
    4. Turn off the 60 degree gloss meter in time after using it, and save the glossmeter and calibration plate properly.
      60 degree gloss meter should be stored in a dry and cool environment.
    5. Users are not allowed to make any unauthorized changes to the 60 degree gloss meter. Any unauthorized changes may affect the accuracy of glossmeter and even cause irreversible damage.
    Existing reviews of 0~300 GU Digital Gloss Meter, 60 Degree
    Affordable glossmeter
    I bought it to measure the gloss of the paint surface, originally I bought it to try, I thought the measurement data would not be very accurate, but I did not expect to exceed my expectations, the measurement data is very accurate and stable, and the company will buy this gloss meter.
    From: Quincy | Date: 28/04/2022
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    Gloss meter is fully equipped and I am satisfied
    The gloss meter works great and is easy to use. Instructions are very clear. Comes with an adapter that can use the current, which is good, I don't need to buy extra to charge.
    From: Christopher | Date: 17/04/2022
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