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    1-1/2" Flanged Globe Valve

    Flanged globe valve with carbon steel and 1-1/2 inch port size for sale. The drive mode of the globe valve is manual driven. Flanged globe valve is suitable for oil, water and steam medium. Globe check valve widely used in electric power industry, chemical industry and construction industry.
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    The structure of the globe valve is straight through. The flow direction of 1-1/2 inch globe stop valve is one-way flow. Working temperature of globe control valve between -29 ℃ and 425 ℃.


    • Streanline, outside screw and yoke.
    • Loose disc, rising stem and handwheel.
    • Yoke integral with bonnet, available with gear operator.


    • Model: J41Y-16P
    • Port Size: 1-1/2 inch (DN40)
    • Material: carbon steel
    • Structural Style: straight through form
    • Connection Type: flange connection
    • Medium: water, oil, steam
    • Pressure: PN16-PN100
    • Direction of Flow: one way flow
    • Drive Mode: manual
    • Working Temperature: -29 ℃ ~ 425 ℃

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Flange globe valve dimension

    DN (mm) L D D1 D2 b Z-φd H Do
    DN40 200 145 110 85 18 4-φ18 330 200

    Tips: Types of Flange

    • Flange type, according to the flange and pipe fixing way can be divided into threaded flange, welded flange, loose sleeve flange; According to the sealing surface form, it can be divided into smooth type, concave and convex type, tenon type, lens type and trapezoidal groove type.
    • General low pressure small diameter with wire flange, high pressure and low pressure large diameter with welding flange, different pressure flange thickness and connecting bolt diameter and number is different.
    • Flange gaskets also come in different materials according to different levels of pressure, from low pressure asbestos gaskets, high pressure asbestos gaskets and PTFE gaskets to metal gaskets.
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