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    1-1/4" Brass Vertical Check Valve

    1-1/4 inch (DN32) vertical check valve provides high quality brass material, working pressure 1.6Mpa and threaded connection, used for regulating fluid flow in vertical pipelines. Factory price non-return valve prevents backflow in a variety of industrial and household applications.
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    Durable 1-1/4" brass check valve with working pressure 1.6Mpa and threaded connection, 32mm vertical check valve, commonly used in water and air systems to prevent backflow and maintain fluid control.


    • Model: ATO-T403
    • Nominal Diameter: DN32 (1-1/4 inch, 32mm)
    • Material: High-Quality Brass
    • Applicable Temperature: -10℃≤t≤120℃
    • Working Pressure: 1.6Mpa
    • Connection Form: Thread
    • Weight: 420g

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    H: 61.5mm D: 59mm

    Vertical check valve dimension


    1-1/4 inch vertical NRV valve is commonly used in piping systems to maintain the unidirectional flow of fluids, preventing the reversal of fluid or gas in a pipeline. They find applications in various industries, including water treatment, wastewater management, chemical processing, and oil and gas. 

    Vertical check valve applications

    Tips: Vertical Check Valve vs. Horizontal Check Valve

    The primary distinction between a vertical check valve and a horizontal check valve lies in their orientation and design to suit specific flow directions within pipelines. Both types are crucial for preventing backflow, and maintaining the intended direction of fluid or gas movement.

    A vertical check valve is specifically designed for installation in vertical piping systems. The internal components, such as the disc or ball mechanism, are configured to function optimally in a vertical position. These valves are commonly used in applications like water supply and sewage systems, where the pipeline runs vertically. While some vertical check valves may work in horizontal positions, it's recommended to use valves designed explicitly for horizontal applications to ensure proper functioning.

    On the other hand, a horizontal check valve is designed for pipelines that run horizontally. The internal components are adapted to the horizontal orientation, allowing the valve to effectively prevent backflow in this configuration. These valves are suitable for applications where the pipeline layout dictates a horizontal flow direction.

    In summary, the choice between a vertical and horizontal check valve depends on the orientation of the pipeline where the valve will be installed, ensuring optimal performance in preventing backflow based on the specific directional requirements of the system.

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