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    1 HP Pool Pump, 220V / 380V

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    Lower price 1 hp pool pump with anti rust cast aluminum motor cover. 220V and 380V voltage can be chosen. Free tool filter cover design of portable pool pump motor, easy to maintenance. Silicone sealing ring, enhance swimming pool pump sealing system. Medium temperature of 0.75 kW pool pump between 5 ℃ and 50 ℃.
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    0.75 kW pool pump with cheap price for sale. 100% copper wire motor of pool pump. The swimming pool motor pump can reach a maximum head of 13 meters.


    • Magnificent flow rate and lift, the core energy of water circulating, 2-3m suction lift.
    • Free-tool filter cover design, easy to maintenance.
    • IP55 protection level, with none-leaky design.
    • 100% copper wire motor, 24 hours running.
    • Silicone sealing ring, cover all watering section, enhance pump sealing system.
    • Engineering plastic body, pump can be effectively protected under bad weather, long service life.
    • Anti rust cast-aluminum motor cover, fast heat dissipation; PPO plastic steel material impeller, resist high temperature and corrosion.


    • Model: ATO-FQS-750
    • Voltage: 220V (1 or 3 phase) / 380V (3 phase)
    • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
    • Power: 1 HP (0.75 kW)
    • Hmax: 13m
    • Qmax: 17 m3/h
    • Port Size: 50 mm
    • Motor: copper motor
    • Medium Temperature: 5 ℃ - 50 ℃
    • Protection Level: IP55
    • Weight: 12 kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    0.75 hp variable speed pool pump structure


    Variable speed pool pump FQS structure

    01: plastic spanner 02: lid lock ring 03: lid 04: O' ring 05: basket
    06: union nut 07: union bushing 08: O' ring 09: pump body 10: O' ring
    11: drain plug 12: nut 13: gasket 14: screw 15: base
    16: O' ring 17: screw 18: diffuser 19: impeller 20: O' ring
    21: shaft seal 22: flange 23: screw 24: flange 25: R ejection water ring
    26: screw 27: motor 28: junction box 29: electric current safeguard  


    Flow Diagram:

    FQS series pool pump flow diagram

    Tips: What are the Disadvantages of Pool Pump?

    • Energy consumption. Pool pumps can be energy-intensive devices, contributing to high electricity bills. Older or inefficient models may consume excessive energy, especially if they run for extended periods. This can be a significant disadvantage for pool owners concerned about energy efficiency.
    • Maintenance and repair. Pool pumps require regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning. They have filters and baskets that need cleaning, and seals may need periodic replacement.
    • Complexity. Understanding the operation and maintenance requirements of a pool pump may be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with pool equipment. It might require some learning and research to effectively operate and troubleshoot any issues that arise.
    Existing reviews of 1 HP Pool Pump, 220V / 380V
    Powerful Pool Pump
    The weather has been getting hotter recently, and our farm needs to replace a batch of new pool pumps. The old pool pumps used to cut off power for no reason, and there was also a leakage accident, which caused a lot of losses to our farm. After a comprehensive comparison, we decided on this one. We have been using it for a while. The wire joints are very firm and the power is sufficient. I hope it can be used for a longer time.
    From: Zenn | Date: 29/05/2024
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    Wonderful 1 hp variable speed pool pump
    This 1 hp variable speed pool pump is of good quality and compact construction. I've been using it for three months without any problems. I hope it will last a long time.
    From: Mailot | Date: 06/11/2022
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