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    1" Ball Float Steam Trap

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    Popular 1 inch (DN25) steam trap for sale online. Free ball float steam trap uses a float to regulate the flow of steam and condensate, which can maintain efficient and safe operation of the steam system.
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    1" (DN25) ball float steam trap is used in steam systems to drain condensate and prevent the passage of steam, suitable for industrial applications where steam is used for heating or process purposes.


    • Model: ATO-CS41H-16C-DN25
    • Nominal Diameter: DN25 (1 inch)
    • Connection Method: Flange
    • Nominal Pressure PN (MPa): 1.6
    • Shell Test Pressure Ps (MPa): 2.4
    • Max Work Pressure PMO (MPa): 1.6
    • Max Work Temperature TMO (℃): 203
    • Vouchsatemement temperature TMO (℃): 425
    • Leakage Rate (%): <0.5
    • Max Stress Rate (%): >80
    • Applicable Medium: Steam and Condensate
    • Weight: 11.5kg
    • Material: Carbon Casting Steel/Stainless Steel


    • Ball float steam traps can drain water continuously and perform in a stable way with a large capacity and less steam loss.
    • The float-type steam trap can saturate the water continuously, which makes less stock of condensation water in the equipment and is quick in heating and stable in heating temperature.
    • It works in a balanced way without noise.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Ball float steam trap dimension

    DN L D D1 D2 b z-φd H
    25 215 115 85 65 14 4-φ14 225


    The ball float steam trap is used for removing condensate from steam systems, while also preventing the escape of steam from the system. These steam traps are commonly used in industrial settings, such as in steam heating systems or in process piping for industrial applications.

    Steam trap applications

    Tips: What is a steam trap?

    A steam trap is a device used in steam systems to remove condensate (the liquid formed when steam condenses) while allowing steam to pass through. The steam trap helps to ensure that steam is used efficiently, without wasting energy and prevents the accumulation of condensate in the system, which can lead to corrosion and other problems.

    Steam traps work by automatically opening and closing a valve in response to changes in temperature, pressure, or other conditions within the system. When condensate accumulates in the system, the steam trap opens to allow it to be drained away, while keeping steam inside the system.

    There are many different types of steam traps, each designed to operate in specific conditions and to remove different types of condensate. Choosing the right type of steam trap is important for ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of a steam system.

    Existing reviews of 1" Ball Float Steam Trap
    Efficient Condensate Removal
    Impressed with the continuous operation of this steam trap. It keeps our steam equipment running without interruptions, ensuring optimal performance. With the efficient condensate removal feature of this steam trap, our steam system is now running smoothly and we no longer have to worry about water buildup.
    From: Alfled | Date: 04/10/2023
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