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    1 Pole Definite Purpose Contactor, 20 amp ~ 40 amp

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    High performance 20A definite purpose contactor for sale online. 25 amp, 30 amp and 40 amp DP contactor are available. Coil voltage 24V, 110V/120V, 208V/240V, 277V for selection. 1 pole air conditioner contactor works at 50/60 Hz, designed for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC) industry.
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    1 pole definite purpose contactor is ac contactor. It has 24V, 110V/120V, 208V/240V, 277V coil voltage and wide current range 20 amp ~ 40 amp. Dp contactor provides compact load control and is ideal for motors and compressors in resistance heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, and food service equipment.


    • DP contactor has a wide current range (from 20 A to 40 A)
    • Standard AC operating coil ranges for control circuit applications: 24V, 120V, 208-240V, and 277V.
    • 1 pole, 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole definite purpose contactors are available.
    • Various contact configurations from 1 pole to 4 pole.
    • UL certification, CSA certification.


    Model ATO-XKJL1-1P
    Pole 1
    Coil Voltage 24V, 110V/120V, 208V/240V, 277V AC
    Hertz 50/60 Hz
    Temperature Range: - 40°F to + 150° F / - 40°C to + 65° C
    Mechanical Life 1, 000, 000 times
    Electrical Life 250, 000 times
    Certificate UL/CSA/Ce/S Mark/CCC

    Technical Parameter

    Model FLA (A) LRA (A) LRA (A) LRA (A) LRA (A) Phase Resistive Amps Rating
    480V AC 600V AC 277V AC 240V AC
    ATO-XKJL1-1P 20 100 80 120 120 1 30
    25 125 100 150 150 1 35
    30 150 120 180 180 1 40
    40 200 160 240 240 1 50

    1 Pole Definite Purpose Contactor Dimension (Unit: mm)


    Tips: What is a Definite purpose contactor?

    Definite purpose contactors and starters are electric switchgear designed specifically for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC) industries. They go through strict quality assurance inspection and testing procedures.

    Existing reviews of 1 Pole Definite Purpose Contactor, 20 amp ~ 40 amp
    Maintains stable performance
    I am very satisfied with the 40A Extreme Specialty Contactor, it performs well under high loads and maintains stable performance. Whether it is low power or high power applications, they are very reliable.
    From: Varg | Date: 23/10/2023
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    Does as it should
    Looks, fits and performance are great. The 1 pole definite purpose contactor can keep my family warm in the cold stuff.
    From: Stephen | Date: 30/10/2022
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    Highly recommended
    Works great. The 1P definite purpose contactor is a replacement for the old contactor. It takes about 20 minutes to install, then the air conditioner is up and running again.
    From: Kay | Date: 27/10/2022
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    Perfect definite purpose contactor
    This 1-pole 20A definite purpose contactor looks well made. It works perfectly after installation. The price is also good. Highly recommended.
    From: June | Date: 26/10/2022
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    Great buy
    Recently I was planning to replace an old contactor that was failing in my air conditioner. This was a great replacement, it took less than 20 minutes and the air conditioner was working again!
    From: Verdier | Date: 25/04/2022
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    Perfect fit
    It looks great. I have bought two 40 amp contactors for my air conditioner. One has been installed and the other is on standby. I hope the service life will be longer.
    From: Babbie | Date: 24/04/2022
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    Easy to install
    A great alternative to my air conditioner, it's easy to install and looks high quality. The contactor is worth the price.
    From: Daniel | Date: 22/04/2022
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    Good 20 amp DP contactor at a good price
    Great 20 amp definite purpose contactor. I use it to control my 380V heater and it works perfectly now, I will keep monitoring it.
    From: Brian | Date: 22/04/2022
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    Brought my air conditioner back to life
    Installed the 1P definite purpose contactor about a week ago and it works well in our air conditioner. We no longer have to run to the basement every time we want to turn off the fan. This is a very good professional air conditioner contactor.
    From: Michael | Date: 22/04/2022
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    Awesome 1 pole definite purpose pose contactor!
    I love this 1 pole definite purpose pose contactor. It worked amazingly well.  Surprisingly easy to install and it just does the job! Everything work and I have no complain. And the price is very fair. If you need one, this one is a good  choice.
    From: Pat | Date: 22/03/2022
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