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    100:1 Air Pressure Booster, 35-800 bar (507-11603 psi)

    ATO air pressure booster with 100:1 ratio, 35- 80 0bar gas inlet pressure, 800 bar maximum outlet gas pressure, 2-8 bar dirven air pressure, 300 L/min Maximum flow at driven air pressure of 60 bar.
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     ATO 100: 1 air booster with formula to calculate gas outlet pressure PB is 100XPL+ PA, connection: gas Inlet / gas outlet (NPT thread) is 1/ 4/ M14*1.5. The product structure is stable, the material performance is remarkable, durable and safe.


    1. Automatic pressure maintaining: no matter what causes the pressure drop in the pressure maintaining circuit, the sesant pump will start automatically to supplement the leakage pressure and keep the circuit pressure constant.
    2. Operation safety: gas driven, no arc and spark, completely used in places with flammable and explosive liquid or gas.
    3. Simple maintenance: compared with other gas drive pumps, the sesant pump can complete the same work, but its parts and seals are less, and the maintenance is simpler.
    4. High cost performance: ATO gas booster pump is a kind of piston pump. When it works, ATO gas booster pump quickly reciprocates. With the increase of output pressure, the reciprocating speed of the pump slows down until it stops. At this time, the output pressure of the pump is constant, the energy consumption is the lowest, and all parts stop moving. Because of the simple structure of the piston pump, it is easy to maintain.

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    Mode ATO-DGD-100
    Pressure boost ratio 100:1
    Min. gas Inlet pressure PA 35 bar
    Max.gas Inlet pressure PA 800 bar
    Max. gas outlet pressure PB 800 bar
    Drive piston diameter 160mm
    Driven air pressure PL 2 bar- 8 bar
    Max. driving air pressure 10 bar
    Formula to calculate gas outlet pressure PB 100XPL+ PA
    Connection: Gas Inlet / Gas outlet (NPT thread)

    1/ 4/M14* 1.5

    Max. flow at driven air pressure of 6 bar 300 L/min (at PA of 60bar)
    Weight 25kg

     Dimension: (unit:mm)

    1Dimension of air pressure booster

    2Dimension of air pressure booster


    Dimension of air pressure booster3

    Tips: What are ATO 100: 1 air boosters functions?

    • High pressure nitrogen gas filling in auxiliary injection molding.
    • Compression of ultrapure gases (CO2 supercritical extraction).
    • Testing of high pressure gas systems and instruments.
    • Destructive test of address specimen.
    • Demineralization, such as reverse osmosis and desalination.
    • Provide pressure to test or calibrate natural gas components.
    • The power of sonic equipment for recording the depth of downhole fluid.
    • Study on high pressure gas flow pattern.
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