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    100 amp Dual Power Manual Transfer Switch, 1/2/3/4 Pole

    Reliance 100 amp 3 pole manual transfer switch is an electrical device used to manually switch between two sources of electrical power. Dual power transfer switches work at a rated voltage 50~400V. 1 pole, 2 pole and 4 pole are also available.
    SKU: ATO-MTS-100

    Get a small manual transfer switch at low cost. It is a dual power generator transfer switch, provides 100A rated current, 50~440V rated voltage and optional 1 pole, 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole.


    Model ATO-GCB1
    Rated Current 100A
    Frame Current 125A
    Number Of Poles 1 Pole 2 Pole 3 Pole 4 Pole
    Breaking Capacity 4.5kA
    Release Accessories Overcurrent Release
    Wiring Method Plug-in
    Electrical Life 10000 times
    Mechanical Life 10000 times
    3C Rated Voltage Range 50V~440V


    Manual transfer switch details

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Manual transfer switch dimensions

    Wiring Diagram

    Manual transfer switch wiring

    Usage Method

    • When the left side is closed, push up the right side and the left side will be linked to close.
    • When the right side is closed, push up the left side and the right side will be linked to close.
    • The working principle of the dual power manual switch is to turn off the power first and then switch, so there is no need to worry about short circuit problems.
    • It is recommended to choose a 1P or 2P manual transfer switch for household 220V lines, and a 3P or 4P manual transfer switch for industrial 380V lines.

    Tips: Benefits of Manual Transfer Switch

    • Backup Power Supply: A dual power manual transfer switch allows you to connect two different power sources, typically the main utility power and a backup generator or an alternate power supply. In the event of a power outage or when you need to switch power sources, the transfer switch enables you to quickly and safely switch between the two sources, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to essential circuits or equipment.
    • Convenience and Control: With a manual transfer switch, you have direct control over the power source selection. You can manually switch between the utility power and the backup generator as needed, providing flexibility and convenience. This allows you to manage your power supply based on specific requirements, such as during blackouts, maintenance activities, or when there are fluctuations in the utility grid.
    • Protection and Safety: Dual power manual transfer switches often come equipped with safety features such as overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and surge protection. These features help safeguard your electrical equipment from damage caused by power surges or faulty power sources. Additionally, the transfer switch ensures a safe transfer of power, preventing backfeeding and protecting utility workers who may be working on the power lines.
    • Seamless Transition: When the main power supply is interrupted, a manual transfer switch enables a seamless transition to the backup power source. The transfer time can be minimal, allowing critical circuits or equipment to remain powered without any noticeable interruption. This is especially important in applications where uninterrupted power is crucial, such as in healthcare facilities, data centers, or critical infrastructure.
    • Versatility and Adaptability: A dual power manual transfer switch is adaptable to different power sources and can accommodate a wide range of applications. It can be used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, allowing you to connect various types of power sources such as generators, solar panels, or battery backup systems. This versatility makes the transfer switch suitable for a variety of scenarios and allows for customization based on specific power requirements.
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