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    10,000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump, 1200cc Oil Reservoir

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    10000 psi hydraulic hand pump for sale. Double-acting hydraulic hand pump with low pressure 284 psi, optional oil reservoir 900cc/ 1200cc/ 3200cc, high pressure oil output 13cc/ min, low pressure oil output 2.3cc/ min. Pressure gauge configuration for selection, portable use and long service lifetime.
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    Hand operated hydraulic pump is a manual portable tool, oil output is 2-stage of high and low pressure. It can be used with hydraulic pliers, cutting machine, bending machine, punching machine, Jack and other split hydraulic tools.


    Model ATO-CP-700 ATO-CP-700B ATO-CP-700A
    Oil reservoir capacity 900cc 1200cc 3200cc
    Size 660*180*180 mm (26*7*7 inch) 750*180*270 mm (29.5*7*10.6 inch) 770*180*180 mm (30*7*7 inch)
    Weight 9.5 kg 10 kg 12 kg
    Max. output pressure 700 kg/ cm²/ 10000 psi/ 689 bar
    Pressure rating Low pressure: 20 kg/ cm²; High pressure: 60 kg/ cm²
    Oil amount/ min Low pressure: 13cc; High pressure: 20cc
    Oil pipe length 2m/ 3m/ 4m/ 5m


    • The hydraulic hand pump has high and low pressure 2-stage design, with fast oil delivery speed. The working pressure and function are the same as the electric pump.
    • Manual operation mode, oil pipe can be lengthened, with quick joint, pressure gauge (optional).
    • Pressure can be stopped in the middle of operation, built in high-pressure safety protection hydraulic valve.
    • Oil tube joint is adapted to PT3/8" thread.

    10000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump Structure Diagram

    10000 psi hydraulic hand pump structure diagram

    Hydraulic Hand Pump Usage

    1. Connect the high-pressure oil pipe female joint of the main pump and the male joint of the sub-machine oil pressure cylinder, and tighten them.
    2. Tighten the oil return switch of the pump clockwise, shake the handle repeatedly to advance piston until the work is completed.
    3. After completion, loosen the oil return switch counterclockwise to reset the piston.

    Tips: Three reasons for the failure of hydraulic hand pump.

    1. Check the internal leakage of the boom cylinder:
      The easiest way to do this is to raise the boom and see if it has a noticeable free fall. If the drop is obvious, dismantle the oil cylinder for inspection. If the sealing ring is found to be worn, it should be replaced.
    2. Check the control valve:
      First clean the safety valve and check whether the valve core is worn, if worn, it should be replaced. If there is still no change after the safety valve is installed, check the wear of the control valve spool again.
    3. Measure the pressure of the hydraulic pump:
      If the pressure is too low, adjust it, and the pressure still cannot be adjusted up, indicating that the hydraulic pump is seriously worn.
    Existing reviews of 10,000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump, 1200cc Oil Reservoir
    This is the best hydraulic hand pump I’ve ever used.
    This is the best hydraulic hand pump I’ve ever used. No leaks, excellent finish, fantastic quick connect, and power beyond belief. Excellent quality. Connected to my heat press with no problems.
    From: Mark | Date: 06/05/2022
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