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    10,000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump, 3000cc Oil Reservoir

    10000 psi hydraulic hand pump with oil reservoir 1100cc/ 3000cc for selection, double-acting hydraulic hand pump with high pressure 10000 psi (700 kg/cm²), oil output 2.3cc/ 2.26cc per min. Optional pressure gauge and tube length 2m/ 3m/ 4m/ 5m for purchase. Hand operated hydraulic pump has light weight, easy to carry and high security advantages.
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    Manual hydraulic hand pump with double-acting and small size, Low pressure 284 psi (20 kg/ cm²), oil output 13cc or 12.26cc per min. Oil output is 2-stage of high and low pressure. Hydraulic hand pump with gauge is widely used in many fields such as shipbuilding industry, coal mining machinery, electric power and heavy machinery.


    Model ATO-CP-700F ATO-CP-800 ATO-CP-800S
    Oil reservoir capacity 1100cc 3000cc 3000cc
    Size 670*210*210 mm (26*8*8 inch) 720*170*210 mm (28*6.7*8 inch) 730*240*270 mm (28.7*9.4*10.6 inch)
    Weight 10.5 kg 12 kg 17 kg
    Max. output pressure 700 kg/ cm²/ 10000 psi/ 689 bar
    Pressure rating Low pressure: 20 kg/ cm²/ 20 kg/ cm²/ 20 kg/ cm² adjustable; High pressure: 700 kg/ cm²/ 700 kg/ cm²/ 20-700 kg/ cm² adjustable
    Oil amount/ min Low pressure: 13cc/ 13cc/ 12.26cc; High pressure: 2.3cc/ 2.3cc/ 2.26cc
    Oil pipe length 2m/ 3m/ 4m/ 5m
    • Model: ATO-CP-700F/ ATO-CP-800/ ATO-CP-800S
    • Oil Reservoir Capacity: 1100cc/ 3000cc/ 3000cc
    • Size: 670*210*210 mm (26*8*8 inch)/ 720*170*210 mm (28*6.7*8 inch)/ 730*240*270 mm (28.7*9.4*10.6 inch)
    • Max. Output Pressure: 700 kg/ cm²/ 10,000 psi/ 689 bar
    • Pressure Rating: Low pressure: 20 kg/ cm²/ 20 kg/ cm²/ 20 kg/ cm² adjustable; High pressure: 700 kg/ cm²/ 700 kg/ cm²/ 20-700 kg/ cm² adjustable
    • Oil Amount/ min: Low: 13cc/ 13cc/ 12.26cc; High: 2.3cc/ 2.3cc/ 2.26cc
    • Oil Pipe Length: 2m/ 3m/ 4m/ 5m
    • Weight: 10.5 kg/ 12 kg/ 17kg


    • Hydraulic hand pump can be used with split hydraulic tools, including hydraulic puller, hydraulic jack, crimping tool, etc.
    • Hand operated hydraulic pump, with quick joint, pressure gauge configuration for selection.
    • Pressure can stop in the middle of operation, built in high-pressure safety protection hydraulic valve.
    • Oil tube joint is adapted to PT3/8" thread.

    10000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump Structure Diagram

    10000 psi hydraulic hand pump structure diagram

    • Bleed nut
      When using hydraulic hand pump, must loosen this nut to prevent the oil reservoir from being sealed. The vent port is the oil filler.
    • Optional pressure gauge
      According to requirements, a shock-resistant pressure gauge can be added on oil outlet of the hydraulic hand pump head, to observe pressure changes at any time.
    • Oil return switch
      Tighten the oil return valve clockwise first, and shake the handle up and down. Hydraulic hand pump starts to work and the pressure gradually rises. Tighten the oil return valve clockwise when working. Loosen the oil return valve counterclockwise when releasing pressure.
    • Quick female connector
      Hydraulic oil tube is equipped with a thread quick connector. Thread specification is 3/8”.

    Hydraulic Hand Pump Usage

    1. Connect the high-pressure oil pipe female joint of the main pump and the male joint of the sub-machine oil pressure cylinder, and tighten them.
    2. Tighten the oil return switch of the pump clockwise, shake the handle repeatedly to advance piston until the work is completed.
    3. After completion, loosen the oil return switch counterclockwise to reset the piston.

    Tips: Why the boom cannot be lifted with load of hydraulic hand pump.

    1. The hydraulic pump is seriously worn. When running at low speed, the internal leakage of the pump is serious; when running at high speed, the pump pressure is slightly increased, but due to the wear and internal leakage of the pump, the volumetric efficiency drops significantly, and it is difficult to reach the rated pressure. The long-term operation of the hydraulic pump aggravates the wear and the oil temperature rises, which causes the wear of the hydraulic components and the aging and damage of the seals, the loss of the sealing ability, the deterioration of the hydraulic oil, and finally the failure occurs.
    2. The selection of hydraulic components is unreasonable. The specifications of the boom cylinder are 70/40 non-standard series, and the seals are also non-standard parts, which are expensive to manufacture and inconvenient to replace. The small cylinder diameter of the boom cylinder is bound to make the set pressure of the system high.
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