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    10,000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump, 2800cc Oil Reservoir

    Low price hydraulic hand pump with 10000 psi for sale online. Double-acting hydraulic hand pump with low-pressure of 2MPa, high-pressure of 70MPa, optional oil reservoir 900cc/2800cc, high-pressure oil output 13cc/ min or 12.26cc/ min, low-pressure oil output 2.3cc/ min or 2.26cc/ min. Pressure gauge configuration can be chosen, 10000 psi hand pump with portable use and long service lifetime.
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    ATO hydraulic hand pump with a 2-stage oil output of high and low pressure. The double-acting hydraulic hand pump can be used with hydraulic pliers, cutting machine, bending machine, punching machine, jack and other split hydraulic tools.


    Model ATO-CP-700 ATO-CP-700A ATO-CP-700A-B
    Oil reservoir capacity 900cc 2800cc 2800cc
    Output of Oil
    Low pressure: 13cc; High pressure: 2.3cc Low pressure: 12.26cc; High pressure: 2.26cc Low pressure: 12.26cc; High pressure: 2.26cc
    With Gauge
    No No Yes
    Size 65.7cm*18.6cm*18.6cm 75.5cm*18.3cm*19cm 75.5cm*18.3cm*19cm
    Weight 11 kg 14 kg 14 kg
    Pressure rating Low pressure: 2MPa; High pressure: 70MPa
    Oil pipe length 2m/ 3m/ 4m/ 5m


    • The hydraulic hand pump has high and low pressure 2-stage design, with fast oil delivery speed. The working pressure and function are the same as the electric pump.
    • Manual operation mode, oil pipe can be lengthened, with quick joint, pressure gauge (optional).
    • Pressure can be stopped in the middle of operation, built in high-pressure safety protection hydraulic valve.
    • Oil tube joint is adapted to PT3/8" thread.

    10000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump Structure Diagram

    10000 psi hydraulic hand pump structure diagram

    Hydraulic Hand Pump Usage

    1. Connect the high-pressure oil pipe female joint of the main pump and the male joint of the sub-machine oil pressure cylinder, and tighten them.
    2. Tighten the oil return switch of the pump clockwise, shake the handle repeatedly to advance piston until the work is completed.
    3. After completion, loosen the oil return switch counterclockwise to reset the piston.

    Tips: Tips for Using Hydraulic Hand Pump Efficiently

    1. Thorough Inspection: Before operation, carefully inspect the hydraulic hand pump for any visible damage, leaks, or loose components. Ensure all connections are secure.
    2. Fluid Compatibility Check: Verify that the hydraulic fluid used is compatible with the pump. Using the wrong fluid can compromise performance and lead to damage.
    3. Precise Pressure Adjustment: Adjust the pressure settings according to the system requirements. Avoid exceeding recommended pressure limits to ensure safe and efficient operation.
    4. Smooth Operation Technique: Operate the hand pump smoothly and steadily. Avoid abrupt movements to minimize wear and tear on pump components.
    5. Air Bleeding Procedure: Prior to connecting to the system, bleed all air from the pump to prevent air bubbles in the hydraulic system, which can impact efficiency.
    6. Correct Couplings and Fittings: Use appropriate couplings and fittings to connect the hand pump to the hydraulic system. Mismatched fittings can lead to leaks and performance issues.

    Remember to consult the manufacturer's guidelines specific to the hydraulic hand pump model for comprehensive usage instructions.

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