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    10mm Friction Torque Limiter

    Get a small torque limiter at low cost. It is available with a 10mm plain bore, long service life and large transmission torque. The friction torque limiter is specially designed for mechanical automation equipment. 6.9~27 N.m or 14~54 N.m torque range for selection.
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    Factory price 10mm friction torque limiter for sale online. It can be a torque limiter coupling with an optional 6.9~27 N.m or 14~54 N.m torque range, durable service life, large transmission torque and wide applications.


    Model ATO-CTL250-1 ATO-CTL250-2
    Torque Range 6.9~27 N.m 14~54 N.m
    O.D. of Bush  41 - 0.025 41 - 0.050
    Bore for Centre Member  41+ 0.039 41 + 0
    Bush Length 4.5 8.0
    Weight 0.74kg
    Plain Bore  10
    Max. Bore 22
    Max. Speed 6600 rpm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Torque limiter dimension

    D DH L I T t S (Max)  A C
    65 M35 48 16 4.0 3.2 9 4 50


    The recommended 10mm friction torque limit coupling is utilized to prevent damage to machinery and equipment by limiting torque levels during overload conditions, ensuring safety and protecting critical components in various industrial settings. 

    Tips: Is torque limiter a torque limiter coupling?

    Yes, a torque limiter is often referred to as a torque limiter coupling. A torque limiter is a mechanical device that limits the amount of torque that can be transmitted through a rotating shaft, and it is commonly used in couplings to protect machinery and components from excessive torque or overload. So, in many cases, the terms "torque limiter" and "torque limiter coupling" are used interchangeably to describe the same type of device.

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