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    17mm Friction Torque Limiter

    Small 17mm friction torque limiter is a safety overload protector with a torque range of 20~74 N.m or 34~149 N.m, suitable for conveyor systems, power transmission systems, agricultural machinery and other industrial equipment.
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    Wholesale price torque limiter coupling for online. With a 17mm plain bore, 20~74 N.m or 34~149 N.m torque range, long service life and large transmission torque, the friction torque limiter torque is specially designed for mechanical automation equipment.


    Model ATO-CTL350-1 ATO-CTL350-2
    Torque Range 20~74 N.m 34~149 N.m
    O.D. of Bush  49 - 0.025 49 - 0.050
    Bore for Centre Member  49 + 0.039 49 + 0
    Bush Length 6.0 14.5
    Weight 2.48kg
    Plain Bore  17
    Max. Bore 25
    Max. Speed 5600 rpm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Torque limiter dimension

    D DH L I T t S (Max)  A C
    89 M42 62 19 4.0 3.2 16 5 65


    The recommended 17mm friction torque limit coupling is utilized to prevent damage to machinery and equipment by limiting torque levels during overload conditions, ensuring safety and protecting critical components in various industrial settings. 

    Tips: Is the torque limiter a safety overload protector?

    Yes, a torque limiter can be considered a safety overload protector. It is designed to protect machinery and equipment from damage that can occur due to overloads or excessive torque. When the torque exceeds a predefined limit, the torque limiter disengages or slips, preventing further torque transmission. This disengagement serves as a safety mechanism, protecting the equipment from damage and potential safety hazards. Once the overload condition is resolved or the torque falls within the acceptable range, the torque limiter can be reset or re-engaged, restoring normal operation. So, in this sense, a torque limiter functions as a safety device to protect against overloads and is often used as a safety overload protector in various industrial applications.

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