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    8mm Friction Torque Limiter

    8mm small friction torque limiter protects mechanical equipment or its work from mechanical overload damage. This mechanical torque limiter is a safety overload protector with a torque range of 2.9~9.8 N.m or 6.9~20 N.m, used in conveyor systems, power transmission systems, agricultural machinery and other industrial equipment that require torque overload protection to prevent damage and shutdown.
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    Buy a low price friction torque limiter online. With an 8mm plain bore, 2.9~9.8 N.m/6.9~20 N.m torque range, long service life and large transmission torque, ATO torque limiter coupling is specially designed for mechanical automation equipment. 


    Model ATO-CTL200-1 ATO-CTL200-2
    Torque Range 2.9~9.8 N.m 6.9~20 N.m
    O.D. of Bush  30 - 0.020 30 - 0.041
    Bore for Centre Member  30 + 0.033 30 + 0
    Bush Length 3.8 6.0
    Weight 0.26kg
    Plain Bore  8
    Max. Bore 14
    Max. Speed 6600 rpm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Torque limiter dimension

    D DH L I T t S (Max)  A C
    50 M24 29 6.5 1.6 2.5 7 - 36


    The recommended 8mm friction torque limit coupling is utilized to prevent damage to machinery and equipment by limiting torque levels during overload conditions, ensuring safety and protecting critical components in various industrial settings. 

    Tips: What is a torque limiter?

    A torque limiter is a mechanical device that limits the amount of torque or rotational force that can be transmitted through a rotating shaft or component. It is designed to protect machinery and equipment from damage in the event of an overload or excessive torque. When the torque exceeds a predetermined limit, the torque limiter disengages or slips, preventing further torque transmission. This helps prevent damage to the equipment and allows for quick and easy reset or adjustment.

    Torque limiters are commonly used in various industrial applications where it's crucial to protect machinery and equipment from damage caused by overloading or sudden torque spikes. These devices are particularly valuable in conveyor systems, power transmission equipment, and any setup where torque variations can occur. By limiting torque, they enhance the safety and reliability of the machinery, reducing the risk of expensive repairs or downtime. The torque limiter's ability to disengage and then reset once the torque falls within the acceptable range makes it a vital component for maintaining the smooth and efficient operation of mechanical systems.

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