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    20mm Friction Torque Limiter

    Quality 20mm friction torque limiter for sale online. It provides 47~210 N.m or 88~420 N.m high torque range, durable service life, and large transmission torque, commonly used in industrial equipment that requires torque overload protection to prevent damage and shutdown.
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    Buy a cheap small friction torque limiter online, available with a 20mm plain bore, optional 47~210 N.m or 88~420 N.m torque range, long service life and large transmission torque. The torque limiter coupling is specially designed for mechanical automation equipment.


    Model ATO-CTL500-1 ATO-CTL500-2
    Torque Range 47~210 N.m 88~420 N.m
    O.D. of Bush  74 - 0.030 74 - 0.060
    Bore for Centre Member  74 + 0.046 74 + 0
    Bush Length 6.0 14.5
    Weight 3.85kg
    Plain Bore  20
    Max. Bore 42
    Max. Speed 2700 rpm
    Adjustment Bolt M8xP1.0 (3pcs)

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Torque limiter dimension

    D DH L I T t S (Max)  A C
    127 M65 76 22 6.0 3.2 16 6 -


    The recommended 20mm friction torque limit coupling is utilized to prevent damage to machinery and equipment by limiting torque levels during overload conditions, ensuring safety and protecting critical components in various industrial settings. 

    Tips: What is a friction torque limiter?

    A friction torque limiter is a type of torque limiter designed to protect machinery and equipment from damage caused by excessive torque by using a friction-based mechanism. It operates by creating a controlled amount of friction between its internal components, such as discs or plates, which are in contact with each other. When the torque applied to the torque limiter exceeds its predetermined limit, the increased torque causes these components to slip against each other, thereby disengaging the torque transmission. This slippage effectively limits the torque being transferred to protect the connected machinery.

    Friction torque limiters are commonly used in various industrial applications where precise control over torque is required. They are versatile and can be used in systems with a wide range of torque requirements. These devices are often adjustable, allowing you to set the torque limit to meet the specific needs of your equipment. Friction torque limiters are used to prevent overloads, protect against damage, and enhance the safety and reliability of machinery and power transmission systems.

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