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    12 inch Swing Check Valve, DN300, CPVC

    Popular 12 inch check valve comes with a 300mm nominal diameter and 10kg nominal pressure. With high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, CPVC swing check valve can transport weak acid and alkali medium, widely used in water treatment and distribution systems, as well as industrial and commercial applications for handling various fluids.
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    300mm check valve for sale online. It is a CPVC swing check valve used to prevent backflow and ensure one-way flow in piping systems. 12 inch swing type check valve is ideal for chemical processing plants, water treatment facilities and other applications where there is frequent exposure to chemicals.


    • The check valve can prevent the phenomenon of liquid counter-current from protecting the pump equipment.
    • Because it is a cantilever check valve, there is less resistance to flow.
    • The 12 inch swing check valve uses CPVC materials and plays a strong corrosion resistance to prevent acid and alkali fluid.
    • Not only can the valve body be removed from the pipeline, but also the valve cover can be opened for internal inspection and maintenance.


    • Model: ATO-H44F-10S
    • Check Valve Type: Swing
    • Nominal Diameter: 12 inch/300mm
    • Nominal Pressure: 10kg
    • Drive Mode: Manual
    • Pressure Environment: Low Pressure
    • Type (Channel Position): 2 Ways
    • Flow Direction: One Way
    • Body Material: CPVC
    • Connection Form: Flange
    • Weight: 52.5kg
    • Applicable Medium: Acid-Base concentration higher than 30%, lower than 60%, except hydrochloric acid.

     Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Swing check valve dimension

    Nominal Diameter D1 D2
    GB JIS
    DN300 440 400 400
    L h n-Φ
    GB JIS
    575 38 4-Φ23 4-Φ23


    Swing check valve applications

    Tips: Do swing check valves leak?

    Swing check valves are designed to prevent backflow in a piping system by allowing flow in one direction and preventing flow in the opposite direction. Like any mechanical device, there is always a potential for leakage in swing check valves, especially in the presence of wear and tear or damage to the valve.

    There are several factors that can cause swing check valves to leak, including inadequate sizing or installation, poor maintenance, or damage to the valve. One common cause of leakage in swing check valves is the failure of the disc or seal to fully close, allowing fluid to leak through the valve.

    In addition, swing check valves can also experience leakage due to factors such as high pressure differentials, high flow velocities, or aggressive fluids, which can cause damage to the valve or its components over time.

    It's important to note that the potential for leakage in swing check valves can be minimized through proper sizing and installation, regular maintenance, and careful selection of materials to withstand the operating conditions of the system. Regular inspection and testing can also help to identify and address potential leakage issues before they become major problems.

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