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    1200 lbs Hand Crank Winch

    Factory price hand crank winch for car trailer, boat trailer, vehicle recovery and off road, working load 1200 lbs (0.6 ton), breaking strength 2000 lbs (1 ton) gear ratio 3.6:1, rolled steel body material, Ø4mm x 8m cable. This portable hand crank winch is perfect for lifting and lowering items.
    SKU: ATO-HW-1200
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    Manual crank winch is convenient for truck, car trailer, camper trailer, boat trailer, utility trailer, off road, vehicle recovery, etc., which is ideal for pulling, lifting and lowering items.


    • Model: ATO-BQC1200
    • Working Load: 1200 lbs (0.6 ton)
    • Lifting Tension: 800 lbs (0.4 ton)
    • Breaking Strength: 2000 lbs (1 ton)
    • Material: Rolled Steel
    • Gear Ratio: 3.6:1
    • Cable (Dia x L): Ø4mm x 8m
    • Dimension: 183mm (L) x 90mm (W) x 151mm (H)
    • Weight: 3.3kg

    Note*: Never exceed working load limit.


    1200 lbs (0.6 ton) hand winch details

    Tips: What is the mechanical advantage of a hand winch?

    The mechanical advantage of a hand winch is determined by the ratio of the load that can be lifted or moved to the effort applied by the user. It is typically calculated by dividing the radius of the winch drum by the length of the handle.

    The mechanical advantage formula for a hand winch can be expressed as:

    Mechanical Advantage = Radius of Winch Drum / Length of Handle

    For example, if the radius of the winch drum is 5 inches and the length of the handle is 20 inches, the mechanical advantage would be:

    Mechanical Advantage = 5 inches / 20 inches = 0.25

    This means that for every 0.25 units of effort applied by the user, the winch can lift or move 1 unit of load.

    It's worth noting that this calculation assumes an idealized scenario with no friction or other losses in the system. In reality, factors like friction, mechanical efficiency, and the condition of the winch can affect the actual mechanical advantage achieved in practice.

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