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    14.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner for Carburetor/Auto Parts

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    14.5L ultrasonice cleaner generates 40,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound wave with 150/300W power for excellent cleaning performance in hardware, carburetor, auto parts, lab equipment, etc. Constructed with stainless steel SUS304, high durability & long service life, digital diplay with adjustable 1~30 min timer & 20℃~80℃ heater, convenient setting and safe use.
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    Stainless steel ultrasonice cleaning machine is designed with 14.5 liter tank capacity, 150/300W ultrasonic power, and 40kHz ultrasonic frequency, providing powerful yet gentle clean for jewelry, rings, eyeglasses, watches, dentures, coin, hardware, metal parts, carburetor, fuel injector, car parts, circuit board, engine parts, glasses, lab equipment, surgical instrument, tattoo equipment, etc.


    • Stainless steel tank, high durability and long service life.
    • Large capacity tank holds 14.5 litre volume, capable of cleaning many items at one time.
    • Digital ultrasonic cleaner has timer control, 0-30min adjustable.
    • With digital heating function range of 20°C ~ 80°C, helpful to remove the oil and wax.
    • Degas function to prevent the items from oxidation.
    • Dual ultrasonic power 150W/300W to meet different cleaning requirements.
    • Ultrasonic cleaner comes with stainless steel basket to keep the items secure.
    • Using only tap water, or industrial alcohol and solvent cleaner for higher cleaning requirement.
    • Adopting industrial control chip microcontroller, flexible circuit board control, safer and more stable.


    Model ATO-JP-050S
    Tank Capacity 14.5L
    Transducer Quantity 5
    Ultrasonic Power 150/300W
    Heating Power 200W
    Timer 1~30 min adjustable
    Heating Temperature 20℃~80℃ adjustable
    Ultrasonic Frequency 40kHz
    Power Supply AC 110V 60Hz or AC 220V 50Hz
    Material Stainless Steel SUS304
    Tank Size 300*240*200mm (L*W*H)
    Product Size 380*290*280mm (L*W*H)
    Net Weight 8.9kg
    Gross Weight 9.7kg
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Warranty 1 Year
    Document Download Ultrasonic Cleaner User Manual


    The 14.5L 300W benchtop ultrasonic cleaner is widely applied in the jewelry industry, medical industry, electronic factory, molding factory, car workshop, diesel workshop, automobile industry, scientific laboratory, university, dental clinics, eyeglass shop, hardware tools shop, barbershop, printing industry and so on.

    14.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner Applications

    Ultrasonic Cleaner Comparison Before and After Cleaning

    Tips: Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaners

    1. A thorough cleaning of workpiece corner
    Ultrasonic cleaning machine has a significant cleaning effecton workpiece that cannot be completely and effectively cleaned by manual and other cleaning methods. The ultrasonic cleaner can thoroughly reach the cleaning requirements, removing the stains at the hidden corner or dead corner of complex workpiece

    2. A variety of workpiece batch cleaning
    No matter how complex the pipe shape, put it into the cleaning fluid. As long as it is able to contact the liquid, the role of ultrasonic cleaning can be achieved. Ultrasonic cleaner is especially suitable for the workpiece with complex shape and structure.

    3. Multi-function cleaning
    Ultrasonic cleaning machine can be combined with different solvents to achieve different results and meet different supporting production process, such as: oil removal, rust removal, dust removal, wax removal, chip removal, or removing phosphating, passivation, ceramicization, electroplating, etc.

    4. Reduce pollution
    Ultrasonic cleaning can effectively reduce pollution, reduce the damage of toxic solvents to human beings, and protect the environment.

    5. Reduce labor
    The use of ultrasonic cleaner can realize the workpiece automatic cleaning, drying, greatly reducing the number of manual cleaning required personnel and cleaning time.

    6. Shorten the operation time
    Compared with manual cleaning, the cleaning time of ultrasonic cleaning machine is shortened to one fourth of manual cleaning.

    Existing reviews of 14.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner for Carburetor/Auto Parts
    Nice ultrasonic cleaner
    This ultrasonic cleaner came ready to use and was easy to set up. I think it is a good value for the money, but I will need to do more research to get a fuller understanding on how to best use the ultrasonic cleaner.
    From: Cboh | Date: 26/05/2022
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    I love this 14.5L ultrasonic cleaner.
    This 14.5L ultrasonic cleaning machine washes things very cleanly. It has been used for a few days and the effect is ok. Looks good too. I like it a lot.
    From: Coelhoe | Date: 16/01/2022
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